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  FAPA Press Release: TA Orgs Call For Unfreezing Taiwan Arms Sale


For Immediate Release                

August 4, 2008



In letter to President George Bush dated July 28, 2008, the leaders of 22 Taiwanese Americans urge President Bush, on the eve of his departure to Beijing where Bush will attend the Olympic Games, to reaffirm U.S. commitment to Taiwan and -specifically- to lift the Taiwan Arms Freeze.

The organizations write: "We appeal to you to reaffirm America's support for a free and democratic Taiwan.  Specifically, we urge you20to unfreeze the $11 billion worth of arms sales to Taiwan, including the sixty-six advanced F-16 fighter jets."

They continue: "As you travel to China, the world's largest communist country ruled by unelected dictators, we implore you to not forget the island nation of Taiwan, situated barely a hundred miles off Chinese shores.  It is a free and democratic country, and one you recently praised as "a beacon of democracy to Asia and the world," and in 2001 you pledged "whatever it took" to help her defend herself."

They conclude: "The TRA and President Reagan's Six Assurances also make it clear that the nature and quantity of arms sold are based solely upon the needs of Taiwan and without prior consultation with China.  In fact, you have long ago approved the sale of most of the items in the $11 billion package.  Therefore we urge you to unfreeze these sales immediately."  

FAPA President Bob Yang , Ph.D. states: "Selling the arms package to Taiwan is not only in Taiwan's interest, it is clearly in the United States interest. According to sources, the mere sale of F-16s to Taiwan, would bring 40,000 man-years of additional employment to North Central Texas - especially Fort Worth. Arms sales to Taiwan should not be based on the politics of the day. Therefore, time to lift the freeze is now!"



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