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CTC Urges New KMT Chairman Ma to Pass Arms Procurement Budget (08/05/2005)

CTC Co-chairs Congratulate President Chen's Transit to the U.S. (08/26/04)

Colombian Congressional Taiwan Caucus Reached Out to CTC

CTC's Efforts in the WHO Campaign

CTC Members Speak at International Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Asian-Pacific Security (01/17/03)

  CTC Meets Taiwanese Legislators: Promising A re-gathering Next January

CTC Writes to Paul Wolfowitz and Colin Powell (06/07/02)

CTC Congratulate President Chen Shui-bian (05/17/02)

Wexler Writes to ITC Chairman, applauding U.S.-Taiwan FTA (05/22/02)

Establishment of the Congressional Taiwan Caucus


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