Important documents about Taiwan
U.S. - Taiwan - PRC relationship
About Taiwan
    Important Documents Relating to Taiwan's Past and Present

1945 Charter of the United Nations
1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights
1951 San Francisco Peace Treaty  1971 UN Resolution 2758

1972 First Shanghai Communiqué

1979 Second Shanghai Communique

1979 Taiwan Relations Act
1982 Third Shanghai Communiqué
1982 The Six Assurances  
1994 Taiwan Policy Review


    U.S.- Taiwan- PRC Relationship

Commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act

Cross-Strait Stalemate

Separate Recognitions

High-Level Visits           

Bush's Cross-Strait Policy   

 Abian Claims Presidency

Scrap the One-China Policy
China's Threats & China's White Papers
2008 Olympics in Beijing
Most Favored Nation Status for China

    A Beautiful Island nation - About Taiwan

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Table of Historical Events




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