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Taiwan Communiqué no. 130 is off the press

This is followed by a summary of events in the bilateral relations between China and Taiwan, in particular the continuing increase of Chinese missiles aimed at Taiwan, the slight at the Tokyo Film Festival,  and the disqualification of the Taiwanese taekwondo athlete at the Asian Games, which caused a political storm in Taiwan. We ask whether rapprochement is on the rocks.

This is followed by a piece on the continuing Erosion of justice and democracy in Taiwan, giving a brief summary of the developments in the prosecution against former President Chen Shui-bian, who was declared not-guilty on money laundering charges by the Taipei District Court, but who was subsequently sentenced to eleven years imprisonment by the Supreme Court on separate charges. We then present a commentary on the justice system and politics in Taiwan.

The Report from Washington gives a brief insight into the possible implications of the US mid-term elections – in particular the Republican-controlled House – on relations with Taiwan, while former AIT Chairman Nat Bellocchi comments on the recent visit to Taiwan by former president Bill Clinton.

The book review in this issue in on America’s security and Taiwan’s freedom by Mr. Jay T. Loo.  We close this issue of the Communiqué with a message to our readers on the occasion of Taiwan Communiqué at Thirty: how did we start our journey thirty years ago?

Below you find the table of contents.  The electronic versions will be uploaded to our websites and The hardcopy will be sent out to those who are on our mailing list at the end of this week.

Best regards,

Gerrit van der Wees
Editor, Taiwan Communiqué
Formosan Association for Public Affairs