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FAPA YEAR 2011 Board of Directors At-large

According to the FAPA By-laws, the Board of Directors consists of Directors At-Large and Regional Directors. Elections for Directors At-Large are held during the odd years. In the year 2011, we elect 19 Directors At-Large who will serve a 2-year term.


FAPA Standing Committee (SC) has formed an Election Committee to execute the election of Directors At-Large. Three Committee members from Illinois chapter are nominated by the FAPA President and approved by the SC. They are: Sheldon H.D. Lee (Chair), Ming-Chung Chen and Michael Chen.


Qualifications for candidacy for the Board of Directors are:

  1. Be a FAPA member for at least a year on the date of registration of the election.
  2. Pay membership dues on time.
  3. Be recommended by five members.
  4. Complete registration and pay for the registration fee on time.

If people are qualified in above requirements and willing to run for the election, please e-mail or post mail your application with $200 registration fee check (Check made payable to FAPA) to:


FAPA YEAR 2011 Election Committee of Directors At-large

552 7TH St. S.E.,

Washington, DC 20003


Responsibilities of a member of the FAPA Board of Directors are:

  1. To act on behalf of chapters and members within the limits of the powers prescribed to them by the By-laws of FAPA
  2. To make, revise and interpret the By-laws of FAPA
  3. To elect and remove the President and Vice President of FAPA as well as approving the employment of the Executive Director
  4. To facilitate strategic planning and to make decisions on issues those are important to FAPA
  5. To approve budget and examine income and expenses of FAPA

And, the minimum annual amount of fundraising is $500 for the Board Member.


Timetable of Election:

·         August 20: Deadline for nomination and registration of the candidates

·         September 10: Candidates are announced and ballots are mailed out

·         September 30: All ballots are mailed to the election committee by postmark

·         October 09: All ballots are counted and election result announces

FAPA member, who has not received the ballots by September 16, please report to his/her chapter president so he/she can inform the election committee.  Any questions about the election, please contact committee for explanation.

Contact Committee:

Chair:  Sheldon Lee (630) 325-7435, E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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