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FAPA 2013 Congressional Workshop in Washington DC

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You are cordially invited to the following seminar:  

Taiwan's Sunflower Movement: A New Political Landscape

Friday, June 27, 2014 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

University of California Washington Center (next to CSIS)

1608 Rhode Island Ave. NWWashington, DC 20036

From March 18th through April 10th 2014, several hundred students from universities around Taiwan entered the country's Legislative Yuan, and occupied the main chamber in protest against passage of legislation on a Trade Service Agreement with China.

The protest gained broad support among the island's population, and prompted a rally by some 500,000 in front of the Presidential Office on March 30th.  The occupation ended after Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng agreed to send the legislation back to the Legislative Yuan committee for a clause-by-clause review.

What were the underlying reasons for the protest? What are the implications for Taiwan's domestic politics, with local elections coming up in late 2014 and presidential and legislative elections in early 2016?  What are the implications for cross-Strait relations, foreign policy, and regional security? Join us for a discussion on these topics.

9:30 am Registration, coffee and refreshments

10:00 am Opening: Mark Kao, President Formosan  Association for Public Affairs

10:05 am      Panel I: Motivating Factors and Domestic Political Implications

Panelists:     Chun-ta Lee

Sunflower movement student leader

Don Rodgers

Prof. of Political Science, Austin College, Texas

Vincent Wang

Prof. of Political Science, University of Richmond, Virginia

Moderator:    Gerrit van der Wees

Editor, Taiwan Communiqué

11:15 am     Panel II: Implications for Cross-Strait  Relations and Regional Security

Panelists:     Randall Schriver

President and CEO, Project 2049 Institute

Patrick Cronin

Senior Director, Asia-Pacific Security Program, Center for a New American Security

Moderator:    Joanna Yu Taylor

Director, China and the Pacific Program, Center for the National Interest

12:15 pm Concluding remarks


This Seminar is jointly co-sponsored by the Project 2049 Institute and the Formosan Association for Public Affairs.





華府看民主 宏觀看台灣



【培訓營時間】:2014622 – 27

【培訓營地點】:美國首都華盛頓 (Washington, DC, U.S.A.)




FAPA Announcement: US Workshop for Emerging Taiwanese Leaders


華府看民主 宏觀看台灣



Proposal (招生簡章)(word file) (pdf file)

Download application form (下載報名表)

Overseas Taiwanese organizations express concern about backsliding of democracy in Taiwan

(Washington, D.C. – November 8th 2013) -- The undersigned overseas Taiwanese organizations hereby express our deep concern about recent developments in Taiwan.  First, we wish to emphasize our roots in Taiwan, the land of our birth.  We do live in Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America and the United States, but we feel strongly about our homeland.  Many of us worked hard to help Taiwan make the transition to democracy in the 1980s and 1990s.

Especially since Taiwan made such major progress towards a fully democratic system during the past 25 years, it is regrettable that the current administration of President Ma Ying-jeou has eroded Taiwan’s democracy and freedoms with his pro-China policies. On the surface these policies may appear to bring about a reduction of tension, but in reality they are setting Taiwan up for a larger conflict when China’s repressive designs for “unification” collide with the reality of Taiwan’s democracy.

While this backsliding of freedom, democracy and human rights has been going on since the beginning of the Ma administration, we are particularly incensed about recent moves by the Ma government that show a distinct lack of  respect for democracy, and a fundamental breach of the basic principles of separation of powers and checks and balances in a democracy.

These basic principles are enshrined in the current (ROC) Constitution in Taiwan.  While we strongly believe that the Constitution needs to be amended to reflect the new reality that Taiwan is now a free, democratic and independent country, it is essential that the government abides by the Constitution that is presently in force.  The actions of President Ma and his administration in attempting to remove Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng clearly violated those principles.

In addition, the extensive abuse of power and the rampant wiretapping by the Special Investigation Division of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office also constitute a violation of the Constitution, in particular Article 12, which guarantees the individual’s freedom of privacy of correspondence.

It is time for the Ma government to listen to the Taiwanese people, and to move towards policies and decisions that reflect the views of ordinary people, the men and women in the street. In particular this means:

  1. An end to the extraordinary powers vested in the Special Investigation Division of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office.  The Legislative Yuan    should immediately pass legislation abolishing the SID,
  2. Taiwan needs judicial reform, completely removing political influence from the judiciary.  The judicial branch needs to be completely independent from both the executive and legislative branch of government, so Taiwan can enjoy clear separation of powers, and
  3. Taiwan needs legislative reform so that legislators can truly represent their constituencies, and the legislature becomes an effective and efficient part of the system of governance.  The legislative process needs to become a true give-and-take of political negotiations; all political opinions are shown respect and decisions are made on the basis of rational discussion.

As overseas Taiwanese we also fully endorse the joint statement issued by the 29 international scholars and writers, who expressed their concerns in a statement titled "Human rights, democracy threatened", published in the Taipei Times on October 14th 2013 and in Hanji in the Liberty Times on October 16th 2014.


United States

1. Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA)
2. Chen Wen-chen Memorial Foundation (CWCMF)
3. Formosan Association for Human Rights (FAHR)
4. Friends of Taiwan – Los Angeles, California
5. Institute for Taiwanese Studies (ITS) – Cerritos, California
6. North American Taiwanese Engineering and Science Association (NATEA)
7. North American Taiwanese Professors’ Association
8. North American Taiwanese Women’s Association
9. Southern California Taiwanese Club – Los Angeles, California
10. Taiwanese American Center of Northern California
11. Taiwanese Association of America (TAA)
12. Taiwanese Association of America, Chicago Chapter
13. Taiwanese Association of America, Cincinnati Chapter
14. Taiwanese Association of America, Columbus Chapter
15. Taiwanese Association of America, Greater Baltimore Chapter
16. Taiwanese Association of America, Greater Washington Chapter
17. Taiwanese Association of America, Northern New Jersey Chapter
18. Taiwanese Alliance of Interculture (TAI) – San Jose, California
19. Taiwanese Americans Perspectives (TAP) – Los Angeles, California
20. Taiwan Christian Church Council in North America (TCCCNA)
21. Taiwan Center – New York
22. Taiwan Culture Center – Greater Washington
23. Taiwan Hakka Association For Public Affairs In North America
24. World United Formosans for Independence United States
25. World Taiwanese Congress


26. Formosan Association for Public Affairs Canada
27. Greater Vancouver Taiwanese Senior Association
28. Society  of Taiwanese Canadian History in British Columbia
29. Taiwanese Canadian Association
30. Taiwanese Canadian Association – Greater Vancouver Chapter
31. Taiwanese Canadian Association –Toronto Chapter
32. Taiwanese Canadian Church Association of Toronto
33. Taiwanese Canadian Heritage Association
34. Taiwanese Human Rights Association of Canada (THRAC)
35. Taiwanese Senior Association of Toronto
36. Taiwanese Women’s Association of Toronto
37. World Federation of Taiwanese Associations (WFTA)
38. World United Formosans for Independence Canada

Latin America

39. Taiwanese Association of Ecuador


40. European Federation of Taiwanese Associations -- London, United Kingdom
41. European Federation of Taiwanese Women Associations, Hamburg, Germany
42. Formosan Association for Public Affairs United Kingdom
43. Taiwanese Association in the United Kingdom
44. Taiwanese Student Association in the United Kingdom
45. World United Formosans for Independence Europe


46. Japan Taiwanese Medical Union
47. Taiwanese Association in Japan
48. Taiwanese Women’s Association in Japan
49. World United Formosans for Independence Japan


The 2013 Young Professionals Group National Conference, August 24-26


YPG Advocacy Conference announcement (view the announcement)

Detailed information & application (click here)


2013 Young Professionals Group National Conference

· Main

Taiwan needs your support! Although Taiwan maintains and serves as a vibrant democracy in East Asia, most countries, as well as the United Nations continues to ignore the 23 million people of Taiwan and their pursuit to safeguard their democracy and future. Join us for a 3-day conference where you will:

  1. Learn from leading experts on U.S.-Taiwan issues
  2. Master the “ABCs” of grassroots advocacy
  3. Network with a diverse group of individuals who all support Taiwan’s right to self-determination and Taiwan’s democracy

This conference culminates with you applying all that you have learned and going to Capitol Hill and speaking with your elected officials to advocate for Taiwan’s cause!

Whether you are a Taiwanese national, a Taiwanese-American, a non-Taiwanese American, or even of another nationality, your advocacy for Taiwan is all important. The greatest achievements in civil rights were ultimately a collective effort by a diverse group of supporters. As such, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to translate your love and passion for Taiwan into action!

FAPA will cover most of your lodging and meals (see the application form for more details). So the main cost to you will be the transportation to and from DC.

To see the application form and/or apply: [click here for the application]

If you have any questions, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

· Application

Instructions (Please read carefully before you proceed to fill out the application form)

  1. Admission: Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis, admissions priority will be given to those that will stay on Monday for the congressional visits. The last day to submit applications is Thursday, August 8th, 2013. Those that are accepted will receive an email with follow-up payment info.
  2. Registration fee: Applicants that receive an acceptance email will need to submit a non-refundable registration fee within a week after acceptance to reserve his or her spot. If you are a paid FAPA member this year, you are exempt from paying the registration fee. Please consider becoming an official FAPA member as a way to demonstrate your dedication to promoting our cause to help Taiwan get recognized.
  3. Costs: FAPA will be paying for participants’ lodging except those who live in the Washington DC metropolitan area. You are responsible for your own transportation to Washington, DC. FAPA will cover all your meals on Sunday and breakfast on Monday. If you are staying for the Monday Congressional Visits, FAPA will cover your two-night lodging from Saturday to Sunday with a checkout on Monday afternoon. If you are not staying to visit Capitol Hill on Monday, FAPA will only cover your Saturday night lodging with a checkout on Sunday Evening.
  4. Payment method: FAPA accepts paypal, credit card, and personal check. Payment method will be explained in the acceptance email.
  5. Financial assistance: If you need financial sponsorship, FAPA headquarters will put you in touch with your local FAPA chapter, provided that there is one in your area. It will be solely up to the local chapter to decide whether they have the financial ability to sponsor your transportation costs to attend the conference.  Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you have any questions.
  6. Dress Code & Photo ID: Remember that you must bring a valid photo ID such a state drivers license or passport. Be prepared to wear business casual throughout the event, with business formal required for the Congressional Visits on Monday, August 26th. Ladies, please prepare comfortable shoes because we will be walking a lot on Capitol Hill.
  7. Location & Time: Please arrive on the early morning of Saturday, August 24th. Registration starts at 12pm and the conference will start promptly at 12:30pm. The closest airport is Reagan National Airport (DCA) and there will be a free hotel shuttle service available to and from Reagan National Airport (DCA).
  8. Cancellations: Since FAPA is a small non-profit organization with a tight budget, we have no choice but to ask participants whom cancel their conference registration after August 8th for the full price of the hotel rooms. August 8th is the hotels’ cut-off date for us to submit the final rooming list. FAPA is contractually bound to pay for all hotel rooms that we reserve.
  9. Making congressional appointments: We will provide information on this item in a series of emails following your acceptance. Rest assured, it is not as intimidating as it sounds, hundreds people have done it, so can you. FAPA will teach you how to make appointments, even hold your hands through the process if necessary.
  10. Personal Conduct: If accepted, each participant agrees to attend all activities in a timely manner. If the participant must miss an activity, the participant shall inform the organizers of the conference. Visiting with friends and family and sightseeing are not part of the conference curriculum. Please schedule all personal business outside of the conference dates.
  11. Privacy: Your information is kept private, we will never share your information with any third parties.
  12. Questions or comments: If you have any questions or comments please send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

· Missions, Location, Fees

In 2003, the Formosan Association for Public Affairs established an affiliate organization designed for young adults. This organization, whose goals parallel those of FAPA’s, is known as the Young Professionals Group.


Four goals comprise our mission:

  • To promote relations and cooperation between the United States and Taiwan;
  • To promote international support and right to self-determination for the people of Taiwan;
  • To safeguard the independence, democracy and security of Taiwan;
  • To advance the rights and interests of Taiwanese communities throughout the world;
  • To provide young proponents of Taiwan with the knowledge and skills necessary for grassroots advocacy on Taiwan’s behalf.

Saturday August 24th to Monday August 26th
Saturday and Sunday will be informational sessions where you will acquire knowledge about U.S.-Taiwan-China issues and learn how to advocate for Taiwan.  On Monday, we will visit Capitol Hill where you will apply what you learned over the weekend in challenging but fun congressional visits!

To Be Announced.

Program Fees:
$60 for non-members
Free for paid members – you may opt to become a member by paying before the deadline. Paid members are $50 for single, $70 for couple, $25 for collegiate undergrads or lower.  Membership form can be found

Application Deadline:
Thursday,  August 8th, 2013 11:59 PST

No meals will be provided on Saturday except for snacks and coffee.  This year the banquet will be on Sunday night.  All three meals on Sunday as well as Monday breakfast will be covered by FAPA.

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