Emerging Leaders Workshop

FAPA is happy to announce, after a two-step selection process by two committees, 26 Taiwanese youths have been accepted to join the Emerging Leaders Workshop in Washington DC from June 25-30, 2017. Congratulations and see you all in Washington soon.


Accepted Applicants (with last name alphabetical order)

Chih-Hao Jiho Chang, Kevin Chang-An Chen, Nai-Chia Chen, Sheng-Lin Chen, Wei-Ting Chen, Fan-I Hsiao, Ya-Yun Hsiao, Hsin-Hui Hsu, Cheng Hung, Chia-Jung Lin, Kuan-Heng Lin, Lee-Yang Lin, Yingmeng Lin, Wesley Liou, Ru-Hsun Liu, Yu-Hong Liu, Yi-Ching Lu, Chih-Yu Ning, Wan-hsin Peng, Hsin Su, Tsung-Han Tsai, Yu-Li Wang, Yu-Wen Wang, Dee Wu, Po-Jen Yang, Carlos Yeh, Ci Zhang

Petition For The Taiwan Travel Act

Dear all:

Lunar Year will be celebrated with family and friends all over the nation this coming weekend. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for us to gather as many signed petitions in support of the Taiwan Travel Act — HR535.

Follow this link to the petition letter for you to sign asking members of Congress to co-sponsor Taiwan Travel Act — HR535. Ask your family, neighbors and friends to sign a petition during this Lunar New Year as well and then send the stack of petition letters to:

552 7th Street S.E.
Washington DC 20003



Thank you!

Kind regards from FAPA DC HQ

Petition For The Taiwan Travel Act (H.R. 535)