U.S. Rep. Outraged Over Taiwan’s Name Discrimination

FAPA President C.T. Lee, says: “While on the one hand the people of Taiwan and Taiwanese Americans are overflowing with pride because of the fact that finally players from Taiwan are shining prominently in Major League Baseball teams, on the other hand Taiwan continues to be humiliated in Major League Baseball – just like they are in the Olympic Games- by being required to compete under the name “Chinese Taipei.” It is utterly shameless that the PRC seeks to fight and play their political battles and games not only in the international political arena, and in international health, but now also on the baseball field.”




(January 30, 2006) U.S. Rep. Outraged Over Taiwan’s Name Discrimination / 美眾議員為台灣被迫使用「中華台北」參加世界棒球經典賽打抱不平