FAPA Statement In Run-Up To Mar-A-Lago Summit Re. Lee Ming-Che’s Disappearance

Taiwanese Americans are disturbed by the recent detention in China of Lee Ming-che, a former Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) staffer who works at Wenshan Community College in Taipei. Lee disappeared after his arrival in China from Macau on March 19.

Ten days later, the Chinese government announced that Lee had been detained for engaging in “activities endangering national security.”

Lee’s arrest is not only a blatant human rights violation which damages the democratic development in East Asia, this action by the Chinese authorities will discourage Taiwanese citizens, NGO and international advocate group workers from traveling to China out of fear of being arrested anytime and at will.

FAPA joins other Taiwanese and Hong Kong democracy activists and groups that call for the immediate release of Lee Ming-che. In the meantime, we demand that China discloses Lee Ming-che’s whereabouts. And when the wife of Lee Ming-che travels to China on April 10 to visit her husband, she must be allowed to do so.

FAPA is working with members of the U.S. Congress to put Lee Ming-che’s disappearance on the radar screen of the Trump team and on the agenda of the Trump-Xi-Jinping summit to be held in Mar-a-Lago, Florida later this week.




十天後,中國政府才宣布李明哲因「從事危害國家安全之行動」而被拘留。 李明哲的「憑空消失」不僅是對於人權的公然侵害、危及東亞區域的民主發展,中國當局此舉更讓台灣人民、NGO 工作者甚至國際倡議組織等,壟罩在只要入境中國就隨時有可能無故被逮捕的恐懼與陰影之下。



(April 4, 2017) FAPA Statement In Run-Up To Mar-A-Lago Summit Re. Lee Ming-Che’s Disappearance / 台灣人公共事務會對川習會前針對李明哲事件之聲明
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