Retrospect of FAPA 2017 Taiwan Advocacy Weekend

During the last weekend of September, 2017, FAPA celebrated its 35th anniversary with our family and friends.

With over 100 FAPA members and friends travelling from different states to Washington D.C., we held a three day long event – our Taiwan Advocacy Weekend. The event included the FAPA Members’ Convention, celebrating the past 35 years of FAPA’s advocacy work and members’ contributions towards Taiwan  issues, with guest speakers from all over the states and Taiwan; Congressional Workshop, where we shared knowledge about US-Taiwan relations, and various practices for Congressional Advocacy techniques; and the Capitol Advocacy Day, where FAPA members visited their Congressional Office and voice out for Taiwan.

The mission of our Taiwan Advocacy this year was to lift U.S.’s self-imposed restrictions on  Taiwan’s High Level visits to the U.S. and to seek support for Taiwan joining WHO. We are happy and proud to say that with FAPA members’ hard work, we stand in solidarity and accomplished nearly 100 congressional meetings. That is, over 100 offices on Capitol Hill heard the voice of Taiwanese Americans, and Taiwan’s will for continued freedom and self-determination.

Thanks to all our members’ and friends’ support, FAPA will be able to carry on our mission and to continue to voice out for Taiwan for the next 35 years!

 FAPA 2017 台灣倡議周回顧





Luncheon Keynote Speech- Nina Solarz

FAPA’s tribute to Former Congressman Stephen J. Solarz

Speech- Stephen Yates

Speech- Guang-Cheng Chen  陳光誠

Speech- Gordon Chang

Banquet Keynote Speech- Dennis Peng 彭文正

Stephen Yates on Idaho’s Special Relationship with Taiwan

Congressman Ed Royce’s Greeting to FAPA

FAPA 35th Anniversary – We are the Champions

Retrospect of FAPA 2017 Taiwan Advocacy Weekend / FAPA 2017 台灣倡議周回顧