(July 23, 2002) The Dialogue of Democracies: Today and Next January / “台美國會首度最大規模對話,並允諾明年一月台北見!”

(June 26, 2002) Senator Torricelli Introduces Resolution Stating That Future Of Taiwan Should Be Decided With Express Consent Of The People / 參議院首度引進「台灣前途需得台灣人民同意」決議案

(June 14, 2002) FAPA President Writes to KMT Chairman

(June 10, 2002) CTC to Wolfowitz and Powell: Taiwan Issue Should Be Resolved Peacefully And With The Express Consent of the People / CTC 致函沃佛維茲與鮑威爾 “台海問題和平解決,並需獲得台灣人民同意”

(May 23, 2002) Rep. Wexler Voices Strong Support For US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement / 台灣連線主席魏克斯勒致函國貿委員會主席,支持台美自由貿易協定

(May 20, 2002) CTC Co-Chairs To Chen Shui-Bian – “Unbreakable Bond Between Our Two Peoples” / 美國國會台灣連線賀陳水扁總統就職二週年:強調兩國人民不可分割的情誼,支持台海問題和平解決以及獲得台灣人民同意

(May 11, 2002) Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2002 / 美國布希總統正式宣佈亞裔傳統月,台美人傳統週在全美各地熱烈慶祝

(May 10, 2002) Thirty Eight Senators Write Powell – “Publicly Endorse Taiwan’s WHO Observership” / 三十八位參議員聯署呼籲鮑威爾,公開支持台灣WHA觀察員身份

(May 1, 2002) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chairs Urge Armitage To Have U.S. Introduce WHO For Taiwan Resolution In Geneva / 台灣連線發起人要求美國在日內瓦大會正式為台灣提案

(April 24, 2002) State Department WHO Plan: “Not Very Energized” / 美國務院WHO報告出爐,“了無新意,乏善可陳”

Press Release (2002)
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