(December 23, 2008) U.S. Congress Expresses Concern About Taiwan’s Deteriorating Human Rights / 美國國會憂心台灣人權倒退,FAPA呼籲馬政府謹守普世人權價值

(December 15, 2008) Taiwanese Americans Express Solidarity With The “Wild Strawberries” Students, Urging The Ma Ying-jeou Government To Heed International Concern / 台美人堅定支持野草莓與圖博(西藏)人運動,呼籲馬政府勿漠視國際關切

(November 7, 2008) Taiwanese American Organizations Express Solidarity With The People Of Taiwan; Condemn The Ma Administration’s Trampling On Taiwan’s Sovereignty, Human Rights And Freedom / 台美社團發表共同聲明讉責馬政府踐踏台灣民主,自由,人權與主權; 並表示與台灣人民堅定站在一起

(November 4, 2008) US, European and Australian scholars and writers express concern about prosecutions in Taiwan / 二十位國際學者與友人聯署發表聲明,憂心台灣司法不公

(October 31, 2008) FAPA’s Statement Regarding The Recent Spate Of Politically-Inspired Prosecutions In Taiwan

(October 3, 2008) Members Of Congress Urge Secretary Rice To Strike Political Pro-China References From Annual Technical State Department Cable

(September 8, 2008) State Department Emphasizes “Taiwan” As Correct Name In U.S. Passports And Certificates Of Birth —– “ROC”, “PRC” Or “Taiwan, China” Not Allowed

(August 2, 2008) Senators Criticize Secret China-WHO M.O.U. And Bush Administration’s Lack Of Initiatives In Bringing Taiwan Into The WHO / 美參議員抨擊世衛與中國秘密備忘錄,不滿布希政府欠缺協助台灣參與世衛實質行動

(July 31, 2008) 22 Taiwanese American Organizations Urge IOC President To Use “Taiwan” During Beijing Olympic Games Instead Of “Chinese, Taipei” / 台美人呼籲國際奧委會主席於北京奧運上稱呼台灣,而非中華台北

(July 28, 2008) 22 Taiwanese American Organizations Urge President Bush To Lift Taiwan Arms Freeze / 台美社團領袖呼籲布希總統儘快解除對台軍售涷結

(July 9, 2008) Recognizing The Minnesota Chapter Of The Formosan Association For Public Affairs And Supporting Taiwan’s Membership Into The World Health Organization

(April 25, 2008) Taiwanese American Organizations Urge President Bush Not to Attend Olympic Games in China Over Taiwan, Tibet and Human Rights

(April 9, 2008) FAPA Statement Regarding Beijing Olympics

(March 20, 2008) FAPA In Solidarity With The People Of Tibet

(March 19, 2008) Representatives Urge President Bush To Support Taiwan Referendum

(March 10, 2008) Taiwan Caucus Co-Chairs Express Dismay About Administration’s Opposition To Taiwan’s Referendum Plans / 眾議院台灣連線主席對美行政部門反對台灣入聯公投深表失望

(March 5, 2008) Congress Unanimously Passes Resolution In Support Of Taiwan Presidential Elections

(February 22, 2008) 68 Taiwanese American Groups Call For U.S. Support For Taiwan Referendum In New York Times AD / 六十八個台美人團體再度聯登廣告,於紐約時報呼籲美國政府支持台灣入聯公投

(February 20, 2008) Republicans Call Upon President Bush To End One China Policy – Emphasize Policy’s Conflict With Taiwan Relations Act

(February 11, 2008) On The Passing Of Congressman Tom Lantos — 1928-2008

(February 9, 2008) 67 Taiwanese American Groups Call For U.S. Support For Taiwan Referendum In Washington Post Ad / 六十七個台美人團體聯登華郵廣告,呼籲美國政府支持台灣入聯公投

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