(November 20, 2009) Texas Congressman Introduces Legislation To Expedite Delivery Of F-16s To Taiwan / 德州眾議員提出決議案,呼籲儘快出售台灣F-16戰機

(November 18, 2009) Senior House Members Introduce Legislation Re. Arms Sales For Taiwan – Resolution Seeks to Reinvigorate Congressional Oversight on Defense Consultation / 美資深眾議員提出對台軍售法案,重拾美國國會軍售諮商監督權

(October 16, 2009) Future Of Taiwan Should Be Determined With The Express Consent Of The People Of Taiwan / 美國眾議員提出決議案,支持台灣前途應獲得台灣人民同意

(September 17, 2009) FAPA Thanks His Holiness For Comforting Typhoon Victims

(September 11, 2009) FAPA Expresses Outrage Over Sentencing Of Former President Chen / FAPA就陳前總統遭判無期徒刑表達憤怒, 呼籲上訴期間釋放陳前總統

(August 29, 2009) FAPA Mourns Death Of Senator Edward Kennedy, Lauding His Contributions To Taiwan’s Democracy And Human Rights / FAPA悼念華德甘迺迪參議員,讚揚他對台灣民主與人權的貢獻

(July 7, 2009) Taiwanese American Organizations Call For Former President Chen’s Immediate Release / 台美人社團共同呼籲立即釋放陳前總統

(April 10, 2009) The Enhancement And Preservation Of Taiwan’s Human Rights A Critical Clause In The Taiwan Relations Act, Taiwanese Groups State / 台美社團共同呼籲:維護與促進台灣人權為台灣關係法重要條文

(January 9, 2009) Resolution Calling For Diplomatic Recognition Of Taiwan And End To One China Policy Introduced In U.S. House Of Representatives / 美國國會提出決議案呼籲美台建交,並應廢除一中政策

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