(August 31, 2018) [LETTER] FAPA President Expresses Support for United Airlines In Light of China’s Bullying and Urges the Airline to “Hold The Line” / FAPA會長向聯合航空表達支持、並呼籲其面對中國霸凌遵守底線

(August 29, 2018) [LETTER] FAPA President Urges University of Salamanca Not to Succumb to Beijing’s Pressure / FAPA會長呼籲西班牙薩拉曼卡大學勿向北京低頭

(August 28, 2018) [LETTER] FAPA President Extends Condolences to Extended McCain Family on Passing of Senator John McCain / FAPA會長向參議員馬侃家屬表達哀悼之意

(June 20, 2018) US Congressman Introduces Legislation Calling for US-TAIWAN Diplomatic Relations and End to One China Policy

(June 8, 2018) [LETTER] FAPA President Urges Costco to Hold the Line in Light of Recent Chinese Bullying of Foreign Companies / 有鑒於近來中國霸凌國際企業 台灣人公共事務會會長呼籲好市多堅持原則

(May 24, 2018) In Light Of Enactment Of Taiwan Travel Act, U.S. Congressman Urges National Security Advisor John Bolton To Travel To Taiwan For Opening Of New U.S. Embassy Building In June / 有鑑於台灣旅行法,美國眾議員敦促國安顧問約翰波頓參加6月美國在台協會新大樓開幕慶祝活動

(May 15, 2018) U.S. Officials Proclaim Third Week Of May As Taiwanese-American Heritage Week 美國官員宣布五月第三週為台美傳統週

(March 16th, 2018) PRESIDENT TRUMP SIGNS TAIWAN TRAVEL ACT INTO LAW / 川普總統簽署台灣旅行法為正式法律

(February 28th, 2018) Full Senate Unanimously Passes Taiwan Travel Act / 美國參院無異議通過台灣旅行法

(February 7th, 2018) Senate Foreign Relations Committee Unanimously Passes Taiwan Travel Act / 參議院外交關係委員會無異議通過台灣旅行法

(February 7th, 2018) US Representative Urges Ambassador Haley To Press China To Stop Blocking Taiwan Tourists From Entering The Un Building In New York / 美眾議員要求駐聯合國大使海利對中國要對阻止台灣遊客進入紐約聯合國總部一事對中國施壓

(January 11th, 2018) News Alert!FAPA’s letter to Marriott

(January 9th, 2018) US House of Representatives Unanimously Passes Taiwan Travel Act / 眾議院無異議通過台灣旅行法

(December 22nd, 2017) Us Representatives Urge Ambassador Haley To Press China To Stop Blocking Taiwan Tourists From Entering The Un Building In New York / 美眾議員敦促美國駐聯合國大使海利應施壓中國停止阻撓台灣遊客進入紐約聯合國總部大樓

(November 2nd, 2017) FAPA Urges President Trump To Reaffirm Taiwan Relations Act And Six Assurances As The Cornerstones Of U.S.-Taiwan Relations When Meeting With Xi Jinping / FAPA呼籲川普總統與習近平會面時需重申台灣關係法與六項保證為台美關係的基石

(October 12th, 2017) House Foreign Affairs Committee Unanimously Passes Taiwan Travel Act / 眾議院外交事務委員會無異議通過「台灣旅行法」

(July 27, 2017) FAPA Applauds Passage of WHO Bill in House Asian Subcommittee / 台灣人公共事務會樂見亞太小組通過世界衛生組織法案

(June 15,2017) House Asian Subcommittee Unanimously Passes Taiwan Travel Act / 眾議院亞太小組無異議通過「台灣旅行法」

(May 16, 2017) U.S. Officials Proclaim Third Week Of May As Taiwanese American Heritage Week / 美國官員宣布五月第三週為台美傳統週

(May 5, 2017) U.S. Representative Urges Secretary Of HHS Tom Price To Help Taiwan Join The World Health Assembly And Visit Taiwan / 美國眾議員敦促衛服部長協助台灣參加世界衛生大會,並鼓勵他找機會親自拜會台灣

(May 4, 2017) U.S. Senators Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions On High-Level Visits From Taiwan Including The President / 美參議員呼籲美國應對台高層互訪(包含台灣總統)解禁

(April 7, 2017) FAPA Applauds Introduction Of U.S.-Taiwan Bilateral Trade Agreement Legislation / 台灣人公共事務會贊許美台雙邊貿易協定提案

(April 4, 2017) FAPA Statement In Run-Up To Mar-A-Lago Summit Re. Lee Ming-Che’s Disappearance / 台灣人公共事務會對川習會前針對李明哲事件之聲明

(March 29, 2017) Rep. Ted Lieu Calls Upon U.S. Census Bureau To Include “Taiwanese” Check Box On Census 2020 Form / 美國眾議員劉雲平要求人口普查局在2020的人口普查表上將「台灣人」列入正式選項

(February 28, 2017) U.S. Officials Dedicate February 28, 2017 As “Taiwan Peace Day” / 美國官員頒予公告稱2017年二月28日為 「台灣和平日」

(February 10, 2017) FAPA Reacts To Trump-Xi Phone Call And “One China Policy” / 台灣人公共事務會回應川習通話與一中政策

(January 13, 2017) On Same Day As President Tsai Ing-Wen’s Stopover In San Francisco, U.S. Representatives Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions On High-Level Visits From Taiwan Including The President / 蔡英文總統過境舊金山當日,美國眾議員提案呼籲行政部門應對台美高層互訪(包含台灣總統)解禁

(January 12, 2017) U.S. Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson Affirms Taiwan Relations Act And Six Assurances / 美國準國務卿Rex Tillerson重申台灣關係法與六項保證

(December 16, 2016) Washington Times AD: Taiwan Is No Bargaining Chip/The One China Policy Is Obsolete / 華盛頓時報廣告:台灣並非喊價的籌碼/一中政策已經過時

(December 13, 2016) FAPA Reacts To Trump’s Interview On Fox TV

(December 8, 2016) Taiwanese American Organizations Urge Trump To Develop New Taiwan Policy / 台美人組織呼籲川普建立新的台灣政策

(October 28, 2016) House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce Urges Census Bureau To Add “Taiwanese” Check-Off Box In Census 2020 Form / 美國眾議院外交委員會主席羅伊斯要求人口普查局在2020的人口普查表上將「台灣人」列入正式選項

(September 27, 2016) U.S. Senator Calls For Lifting Of All Restrictions On High-Level Visits From Taiwan Including The President / 美參議員呼籲美國應對台高層互訪(包含台灣總統)解禁

(September 15, 2016) U.S. Representatives Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions On High-Level Visits From Taiwan Including The President / 多位美國重量級眾議員提案呼籲行政部門應對台美高層互訪(包含台灣總統)解禁

(August 12, 2016) Taiwanese American Organizations Join Ranks To Be Counted In The 2020 Census / 十二個台美人團體聯名信要求將「台灣人」正式列入2020全美人口普查選項中

(August 8, 2016) On Taiwan’s Father’s Day, FAPA Urges Pope to Work Towards Dual Recognition of China and Taiwan / 在台灣父親節 台灣人公共事務會致函給天主教大家長方濟各教宗 呼籲對台灣及中國給予「雙重承認」

(July 7, 2016) Senate Unanimously Passes Six Assurances Legislation / 參議院無異議通過六項保證決議案

(June 26, 2016) FAPA Introduced by Taiwan Talk Show「正晶現時批」

(June 23, 2016) Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes Six Assurances Resolution

(June 21, 2016) FAPA: “Taiwanese Americans Want To Be Counted!” / FAPA要求將「台灣人」列入正式選項

(May 22, 2016) FAPA 520 Celebration – Video from Taiwan President Dr. Tsai Ing-Wen

(May 18, 2016) Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson’s 520 Inauguration Statement In The Congressional Record

(May 17, 2016) HCR88 – Statement released by Congressman Scott Peters

(May 16, 2016) U.S. House Of Representatives Passes Six Assurances Legislation

(May 7, 2016) Taiwanese-American Heritage Week Proclamation By Washington And Oregon

(April 28, 2016) Reassure Taiwan – Rep. Steve Chabot asked Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken

(April 20, 2016) House Foreign Affairs Committee Unanimously Passes “Six Assurances” Legislation

(January 16, 2016) Members Of Congress Congratulate Dr. Tsai Ing-wen With Her Election Victory

(December 17, 2015) FAPA Welcomes Announcement Of Arms Package For Taiwan / 台灣人公共事務會肯定美國軍售台灣

(November 4, 2015) FAPA Expresses Dismay At Upcoming Ma Ying-jeou – Xi Jinping Meeting In Singapore / 台灣人公共事務會對馬習會的召開表示遺憾

(October 29, 2015) U.S. Congressman Introduces Legislation Affirming Six Assurances As Cornerstone Of U.S.-Taiwan Relations / 美眾議員提決議案確認「六大保證」為台美關係基石

(October 19, 2015) FAPA Urges Pope To Work Towards Dual Recognition Of China And Taiwan / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲教宗對台灣及中國給予「雙重承認」

(September 21, 2015) Taiwanese-Americans Call Upon President Obama To Stand By Taiwan During Xi Jinping Meeting / 台美人呼籲歐巴馬總統在與習近平會面時須支持台灣

(September 18, 2015) Taiwanese-Americans Plan Protests During Xi Jinping Visit

(September 10, 2015) U.S. Representative Introduces “UN for Taiwan” Legislation / 美眾議員提案支持台灣加入聯合國

(July 31, 2015) FAPA Statement On Heavy-Handed Handling Of The Student Protests Against History Textbook Amendments By The Ma Administration

(May 15, 2015) U.S. Officials Proclaim Second Week Of May As Taiwanese-American Heritage Week

(January 5, 2015) FAPA Pleased With Release Of Former President Chen, But Critical Of The Bureaucratic Delays And Unreasonable Conditions

(November 10, 2014) Taiwanese-American Organizations Call For Medical Parole For Former President Chen Shui-bian / 台美社團呼籲馬政府准許陳前總統保外就醫

(November 3, 2014) FAPA Calls On President Obama To Stand Up For Taiwan During Visit To China / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲歐巴馬總統於訪中期間聲援台灣

(October 2, 2014) Taiwanese-Americans Express Solidarity With Hong Kong Protesters / 台美人對香港遊行群眾表示支持

(September 25, 2014) Congress Urges Secretary Kerry To Start 2014 Taiwan Policy Review Process / 美國國會呼籲凱瑞國務卿著手進行2014年台灣政策檢討報告

(September 19, 2014) FAPA Statement On Scottish Referendum On Independence / 台灣人公共事務會「蘇格蘭獨立公投」聲明稿

(September 18, 2014) FAPA Statement On Taiwan’s Elections And U.S. Interests / 台灣人公共事務會聲明稿-台灣選舉與美國利益

(April 25, 2014) FAPA Statement On The Nuclear Four Debate In Taiwan / 台灣人公共事務會對台灣核四議題之聲明稿

(March 18, 2014) FAPA Deeply Disturbed By KMT Government’s Lack Of Democratic Procedures In Forcing Service Trade Agreement Through Legislative Yuan / 台灣人公共事務會對國民黨政府忽視民主立法程序強行通過「兩岸服務貿易協議」表達憂心

(February 12, 2014) Senator Sherrod Brown Calls For Taiwan’s Full WHO Membership After H7N9 Deaths In Hong Kong / 香港爆發感染H7N9死亡案例後布朗議員呼籲支持台灣加入世界衛生組織

(January 10, 2014) Trong Chai – A Pioneer In Taiwan’s Democracy Movement And A Founding Father Of FAPA Passes Away / 台灣民主先鋒、台灣人公共事務會創會會長-蔡同榮先生逝世

(November 8, 2013) Overseas Taiwanese Organizations Express Concern About Backsliding Of Democracy In Taiwan

(September 20, 2013) Congressman Robert Andrews Urges Colleagues To Support Medical Parole For Chen Resolution / 安德魯斯眾議員呼籲同仁支持陳水扁保外就醫決議案

(September 18, 2013) U.S. Representatives Introduce “UN for Taiwan” Legislation / 美眾議員提台灣加入聯合國議案

(September 6, 2013) Rep. McCaul Seeks Affirmation From Pentagon On “No Restraint” Policy On Arms Sales To Taiwan / 麥考眾議員要求美國國防部重申美國在對台軍售上不會自我限制

(August 19, 2013) Taiwanese-American Organizations Urge President Ma To listen To The Voice Of The Taiwanese People / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲馬總統傾聽台灣人的心聲

(August 6, 2013) FAPA Expresses Support For Taiwan Protests / 台灣人公共事務會表態支持台灣抗議行動

(August 1, 2013) FAPA Applauds Unanimous Passage Of Taiwan Policy Act In House Foreign Affairs Committee / 台灣人公共事務會讚許美國眾議院外交事務委員會無異議通過「台灣政策法」

(July 31, 2013) U.S. Representative Andrews Introduces Legislation Calling For Medical Parole For Former President Chen Shui-bian / 美眾議員提交決議案籲陳水扁保外就醫

(July 27, 2013) FAPA Calls Upon Taiwan To Speed Up Acquisition Process Of Submarines / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲台美雙方加速進行美軍售台柴電潛艇軍售案

(June 13, 2013) U.S. Congressman Urges U.S. Secretary Of Defense To Sell Submarines To Taiwan / 眾議員致信美國國防部長呼籲對台出售潛水艇

(June 4, 2013) FAPA: Former President Chen’s Suicide Bid Due To Inadequate Medical Treatment / 台灣人公共事務會: 不當醫療照護成陳前總統自殺未遂肇因

(April 26, 2013) U.S. Senator Calls For Taiwan’s Full WHO Membership After Discovery Of First H7N9 Case In Taiwan / 美參議員呼籲支持台灣加入世界衛生組織

(April 25, 2013) FAPA Applauds Unanimous Passage Of Taiwan Policy Act (TPA) In House Subcommittee / 台灣人公共事務會讚許美國眾議院亞太事務小組委員會無異議通過「台灣政策法」

(April 19, 2013) FAPA Statement On The Transfer Of Former President Chen Shui-bian To A Prison Hospital In Taichung / 台灣人公共事務會針對前總統陳水扁遭轉送台中監獄一事聲明稿

(April 16, 2013) Massachusetts State Senate Introduces Legislation Supporting Media Freedom In Taiwan / 麻州議會提案支持台灣媒體自由

(April 10, 2013) U.S. Representatives Introduce Resolution Calling For U.S.-Taiwan Diplomatic Relations And End To U.S. “One China” Policy / 美國聯邦眾議員提案呼籲美國重建與台灣外交關係並廢除一中政策

(April 8, 2013) FAPA Urges Secretary Kerry To Stand Up For Taiwan’s Interests During Beijing Visit / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲美國國務卿凱瑞於訪中行程中捍衛台灣利益

(March 29, 2013) FAPA Urges U.S. Government To Protest China’s Continued Restriction Of Taiwan’s International Space / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲美國政府對於中國一再打壓台灣國際空間一事表達抗議

(March 12, 2013) U.S. Representative Calls Upon Secretary Of State Kerry To Take Stance On Continued Incarceration Of Chen Shui-bian / 美眾議員呼籲國務卿凱瑞對陳水扁持續監禁一事表達立場

(February 28, 2013) U.S. Representatives Call For 66th Commemoration Of Taiwan’s 2-28 Massacre

(December 12, 2012) FAPA Expresses Concern Over Ma Administration’s Position And Actions Regarding Senkaku / Diaoyutai / FAPA對馬政府的釣魚台立場與行動表示關切

(November 30, 2012) FAPA Expresses Deep Concern About Erosion Of Press Freedom In Taiwan / FAPA表示深度關切受到侵蝕的台灣新聞自由

(November 21, 2012) International Observers Decry Ma Government Refusal To Grant Medical Parole To Former President Chen / 國際社會譴責馬政府拒絕陳前總統保外就醫

(October 24, 2012) U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown Urges AIT Director Marut To Visit Former President Chen Shui-bian / 美參議員呼籲「美國在台協會」處長馬啟思探視陳水扁

(October 4, 2012) Taiwanese Americans Protest OCAC Name Change / 台美人抗議僑委會更名

(October 1, 2012) U.S. Representative Urges USIP To Set Up Center For Taiwan Security Analysis / 美眾議員呼籲「美國和平研究所」設置「台灣安全分析中心」

(August 2, 2012) U.S. Senators Introduce Resolution Calling For Support For Democracy And Human Rights In Taiwan / 美參議員提出決議案呼籲支持台灣民主及人權

(July 20, 2012) DHS Agrees To Drop “China (Taiwan)” Reference From I-94 Documents And Global Entry Program At Urging Of Rep. Howard Berman / 美國國土安全部同意回應柏曼議員之呼籲,修正I-94入境卡及「全球自動通關計畫」上對台灣的錯誤稱謂

(July 13, 2012) U.S. Representatives Commemorate Anniversaries Of Six Assurances And End Of Martial Law / 美眾議員紀念「六項保證」三十週年及解除戒嚴二十五週年

(July 13, 2012) U.S. Representatives Submit Report Calling For Medical Parole For Chen Shui-bian To Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission / 美眾議員提報「湯姆•蘭托斯人權委員會」呼籲批准陳水扁保外就醫

(June 19, 2012) Berman Urges Change To I-94 Customs Document To Reflect Taiwan As Country Of Citizenship, Not China (Taiwan)

(June 19, 2012) Rep. Berman Urges DHS To Rectify “China (Taiwan)” Reference on I94’s

(June 7, 2012) U.S. Representative Calls For Establishment Of Congressional Taiwan Commission / 眾議員呼籲成立眾議院台灣委員會

(May 11, 2012) FAPA Officially Granted Ownership Of ‘Taiwanese American Heritage Week’ Trademark / 台灣人公共事務會 獲「台美人傳統週」商標權利

(May 8, 2012) U.S. Congressmen Introduce Bi-partisan Resolution Calling For U.S.-Taiwan Diplomatic Relations / 美國眾議員跨黨派提案呼籲美台建交

(February 10, 2012) Taiwanese-Americans Protest U.S.’ Stance On Taiwan’s Presidential Elections / 台美人對美國在台總統大選選邊站表示抗議

(February 10, 2012) Tibetans, Uyghurs, And Taiwanese-Americans To Hold Joint Rally On Valentine’s Day Protesting The Repression In Tibet And East Turkestan, And The Threats Against Taiwan

(April 30, 2012) Congressman Howard Berman Urges California Secretary Of State To Drop “Province of China” Reference / 柏曼眾議員呼籲加州州務卿修正「中國台灣省」的稱呼

(April 20, 2012) Member Of Congress Urges Human Rights Commission To Investigate Continued Incarceration Of Former President Chen Shui-bian / 美國眾議院人權委員會呼籲調查陳水扁案

(April 17, 2012) Members Of Congress Highlight Taiwan Relations Act And Congressional Taiwan Caucus Anniversaries / 眾議員強調台灣關係法及眾議院台灣連線重要性

(April 10, 2012) Taiwanese-Americans Voice Strong Opposition To “One Country, Two Areas” / 台美人強烈反對「一國兩區」論述

(April 3, 2012) Members Of Congress Commemorate 33rd Anniversary Of The Taiwan Relations Act / 眾議員紀念台灣關係法立法33週年

(March 22, 2012) FAPA Urges U.S. Government To Call For Medical Parole For Former President Chen / 台灣人公共事務會呼籲美國政府敦促台灣,使陳前總統能保外就醫

(February 28, 2012) Members Of U.S. Congress Call For 65th Commemoration Of Taiwan’s 2-28 Massacre / 美國會眾議員敦促同僚紀念台灣228大屠殺65周年

(February 18, 2012) Texas Congressman Urges Obama Administration To Sell F-16s To Taiwan / 德州眾議員呼籲歐巴馬政府軍售台灣F-16戰機

(February 10, 2012) Taiwanese-Americans Protest U.S.’ Stance On Taiwan’s Presidential Elections / 台美人對美國在台總統大選選邊站表示抗議

(December 26, 2011) Yet Another U.S. Congressman Calls For Free And Fair Elections And Peaceful Transition Of Power / 眾議員呼籲台灣選舉以不受干擾的方式舉行並和平轉移政權

(December 23, 2011) More Members Of Congress Urge U.S. Neutrality In Taiwan Elections / 多位眾議員呼籲美國對台灣大選維持中立

(December 22, 2011) Ros-Lehtinen Calls For Strict Political Neutrality In Taiwan’s Elections / 眾議員蘿絲蕾婷娜呼籲美國政府在台灣選舉保持中立

(November 17, 2011) House Committee On Foreign Affairs Unanimously Passes Taiwan Policy Act / 眾議院外交委員會一致通過台灣政策法案

(November 10, 2011) Taiwanese-Americans In Hawaii To Demonstrate For International Recognition

(September 16, 2011) Taiwanese-Americans Deeply Disappointed At U.S. Decision On F-16 Sale

(September 16, 2011) FAPA Applauds Introduction Of Taiwan Policy Act

(September 13, 2011) U.S. Congressmen Express Support Of Full Membership For Taiwan In United Nations / 美國國會眾議員表達對台灣入聯的支持

(June 9, 2011) U.S. Senator Sends Letter To WHO Protesting “Province Of China” Memo / 美參議員致函世衛組織 抗議「中國省份」密件

(May 27, 2011) 45 U.S. Senators Send Letter to President Obama Urging F-16 Sale To Taiwan

(May 13, 2011) US Congressmen Lament Treatment of Taiwan by China and the W.H.O. / 眾議員遺憾台灣所受到中國及世界衛生組織的打壓

(May 11, 2011) Taiwanese-Americans Disturbed By WHO Memo / 台美人就世界衛生組織文件表達不滿

(April 7, 2011) U.S. Representatives Call for Sale of F-16’s to Taiwan / 美國眾議員呼籲軍售台灣F-16戰機

(April 2, 2011) Taiwanese-Americans Troubled By Ma Ying-jeou’s Vendetta Against DPP Officials / 台美人對馬英九清算民進黨前朝官員一事感到憂憤

(February 8, 2011) Taiwanese-Americans Disturbed By President Ma’s Shift On “China” Language

(January 12, 2011) Seventeen Taiwanese-American Organizations Write President Obama On Hu Jintao Visit

(November 11, 2010) Sixteen Taiwanese-American Organizations Write To Former President Bill Clinton

(October 26, 2010) FAPA Criticizes Ma Statements To Associated Press

(September 15, 2010) U.S. Representatives Introduce UN-for-Taiwan Resolution

(May 7, 2010) U.S. Representatives Call Upon Obama Administration To Work Towards Free Trade Agreement With Taiwan / 美眾議員呼籲歐巴馬政府推動台美自由貿易協定

(February 8, 2010) FAPA Expresses Outrage Over High Court’s Decision To Extend Former President Chen’s Incarceration

(February 1, 2010) FAPA Applaud U.S. Arms Sale

(November 20, 2009) Texas Congressman Introduces Legislation To Expedite Delivery Of F-16s To Taiwan / 德州眾議員提出決議案,呼籲儘快出售台灣F-16戰機

(November 18, 2009) Senior House Members Introduce Legislation Re. Arms Sales For Taiwan – Resolution Seeks to Reinvigorate Congressional Oversight on Defense Consultation / 美資深眾議員提出對台軍售法案,重拾美國國會軍售諮商監督權

(October 16, 2009) Future Of Taiwan Should Be Determined With The Express Consent Of The People Of Taiwan / 美國眾議員提出決議案,支持台灣前途應獲得台灣人民同意

(September 17, 2009) FAPA Thanks His Holiness For Comforting Typhoon Victims

(September 11, 2009) FAPA Expresses Outrage Over Sentencing Of Former President Chen / FAPA就陳前總統遭判無期徒刑表達憤怒, 呼籲上訴期間釋放陳前總統

(August 29, 2009) FAPA Mourns Death Of Senator Edward Kennedy, Lauding His Contributions To Taiwan’s Democracy And Human Rights / FAPA悼念華德甘迺迪參議員,讚揚他對台灣民主與人權的貢獻

(July 7, 2009) Taiwanese American Organizations Call For Former President Chen’s Immediate Release / 台美人社團共同呼籲立即釋放陳前總統

(April 10, 2009) The Enhancement And Preservation Of Taiwan’s Human Rights A Critical Clause In The Taiwan Relations Act, Taiwanese Groups State / 台美社團共同呼籲:維護與促進台灣人權為台灣關係法重要條文

(January 9, 2009) Resolution Calling For Diplomatic Recognition Of Taiwan And End To One China Policy Introduced In U.S. House Of Representatives / 美國國會提出決議案呼籲美台建交,並應廢除一中政策

(December 23, 2008) U.S. Congress Expresses Concern About Taiwan’s Deteriorating Human Rights / 美國國會憂心台灣人權倒退,FAPA呼籲馬政府謹守普世人權價值

(December 15, 2008) Taiwanese Americans Express Solidarity With The “Wild Strawberries” Students, Urging The Ma Ying-jeou Government To Heed International Concern / 台美人堅定支持野草莓與圖博(西藏)人運動,呼籲馬政府勿漠視國際關切

(November 7, 2008) Taiwanese American Organizations Express Solidarity With The People Of Taiwan; Condemn The Ma Administration’s Trampling On Taiwan’s Sovereignty, Human Rights And Freedom / 台美社團發表共同聲明讉責馬政府踐踏台灣民主,自由,人權與主權; 並表示與台灣人民堅定站在一起

(November 4, 2008) US, European and Australian scholars and writers express concern about prosecutions in Taiwan / 二十位國際學者與友人聯署發表聲明,憂心台灣司法不公

(October 31, 2008) FAPA’s Statement Regarding The Recent Spate Of Politically-Inspired Prosecutions In Taiwan

(October 3, 2008) Members Of Congress Urge Secretary Rice To Strike Political Pro-China References From Annual Technical State Department Cable

(September 8, 2008) State Department Emphasizes “Taiwan” As Correct Name In U.S. Passports And Certificates Of Birth —– “ROC”, “PRC” Or “Taiwan, China” Not Allowed

(August 2, 2008) Senators Criticize Secret China-WHO M.O.U. And Bush Administration’s Lack Of Initiatives In Bringing Taiwan Into The WHO / 美參議員抨擊世衛與中國秘密備忘錄,不滿布希政府欠缺協助台灣參與世衛實質行動

(July 31, 2008) 22 Taiwanese American Organizations Urge IOC President To Use “Taiwan” During Beijing Olympic Games Instead Of “Chinese, Taipei” / 台美人呼籲國際奧委會主席於北京奧運上稱呼台灣,而非中華台北

(July 28, 2008) 22 Taiwanese American Organizations Urge President Bush To Lift Taiwan Arms Freeze / 台美社團領袖呼籲布希總統儘快解除對台軍售涷結

(July 9, 2008) Recognizing The Minnesota Chapter Of The Formosan Association For Public Affairs And Supporting Taiwan’s Membership Into The World Health Organization

(April 25, 2008) Taiwanese American Organizations Urge President Bush Not to Attend Olympic Games in China Over Taiwan, Tibet and Human Rights

(April 9, 2008) FAPA Statement Regarding Beijing Olympics

(March 20, 2008) FAPA In Solidarity With The People Of Tibet

(March 19, 2008) Representatives Urge President Bush To Support Taiwan Referendum

(March 10, 2008) Taiwan Caucus Co-Chairs Express Dismay About Administration’s Opposition To Taiwan’s Referendum Plans / 眾議院台灣連線主席對美行政部門反對台灣入聯公投深表失望

(March 5, 2008) Congress Unanimously Passes Resolution In Support Of Taiwan Presidential Elections

(February 22, 2008) 68 Taiwanese American Groups Call For U.S. Support For Taiwan Referendum In New York Times AD / 六十八個台美人團體再度聯登廣告,於紐約時報呼籲美國政府支持台灣入聯公投

(February 20, 2008) Republicans Call Upon President Bush To End One China Policy – Emphasize Policy’s Conflict With Taiwan Relations Act

(February 11, 2008) On The Passing Of Congressman Tom Lantos — 1928-2008

(February 9, 2008) 67 Taiwanese American Groups Call For U.S. Support For Taiwan Referendum In Washington Post Ad / 六十七個台美人團體聯登華郵廣告,呼籲美國政府支持台灣入聯公投

(December 20, 2007) Members Of Congress Challenge Bush Administration’s Objection Against Taiwan’s UN Referendum Plan / 美眾議員就台灣入聯公投,強烈讉責布希政府

(December 19, 2007) U.S. Congress Calls For International Observer Delegations To Taiwan For March 2008 Elections

(November 27, 2007) Rep. Tancredo Blasts WHO Director For Shunning Taiwan

(November 15, 2007) FAPA Expresses Strong Disagreement With AIT Director Steve Young On Taiwan’s UN Membership

(October 3, 2007) Taiwan High-level Visits Resolution Introduced In The Senate

(September 14, 2007) Members Of U.S. Congress Express Strong Support For “UN For Taiwan” / 美眾議員入聯遊行前夕發表支持聲明

(August 31, 2007) FAPA Writes To National Security Council Protesting Its Taiwan Sovereignty Statement

(August 30, 2007) FAPA writes Deputy Secretary Negroponte, urging support for Taiwan entry into the UN

(August 3, 2007) FAPA Protests UN Secretary General’s Stance On Taiwan

(July 30, 2007) House Passes High-Level Visits Resolution In Wake Of Hsieh Visit / 謝長廷甫結束美國之旅,眾議院迅即無異議通過台灣高層訪美決議案

(July 13, 2007) Senators Call For Taiwan’s Full WHO Membership / 美聯邦參議員支持台灣爭取世衛會員籍

(June 26, 2007) House Foreign Affairs Committee Passes Resolution, Supporting Visits By Taiwan’s President To U.S. Anytime, Anywhere / 美眾議院外交事務委員會無異議通過決議案,歡迎台灣高層官員,包括台灣總統,隨時隨地自由訪問美國

(June 14, 2007) National Archives Shatters Beijing’s And KMT’s Claims / 美國國家檔案室打破北京與國民黨的一中迷思

(May 1, 2007) 16 Representatives Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions On Hi-Level Visits From Taiwan / 16位眾議員聯合提出決議案,支持台灣總統等高層官員自由訪美

(January 12, 2007) On Occasion Of President Chen’s Transit, 15 U.S. Reps Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions On High-Level Visits / 美15位眾議員藉陳總統過境之際,呼籲全面解除台美高層互訪限制

(May 15, 2006) Pressed By FAPA, USPS Drops China Reference / 美國郵政總局回應FAPA要求,為台灣正名

(May 2, 2006) U.S. Representatives Urge Secretary Rice To Communicate Directly With Taiwan President / 美國會議員呼籲萊斯國務卿直接與台灣總統對話

(April 7, 2006) Taiwan Caucus Co-Chairs Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions On Taiwan Hi-Level Visits In Light Of Upcoming Hu Jin Tao Visit To Washington, D.C. / 胡錦濤訪美之際,台灣連線引進決議案,支持台灣總統等高層官員自由訪美

(March 24, 2006) KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou In Washington: Unreal, Unclear And Unacceptable

(March 14, 2006) U.S. Should Persuade China To Give Up Taiwan Threat, Says FAPA / FAPA呼籲布希政府勸導中國放棄武力犯台

(February 16, 2006) U.S. Representative Introduces U.S.-Taiwan FTA Resolution / 美議員引進台美自由貿易協定決議案

(February 9, 2006) U.S. Rep. Issues Statement, Endorsing President Chen’s Views On Abolishing NUC / 美眾議員發表聲明,支持陳總統廢除國統會/綱領言論

(February 1, 2006) Reps. Hyde And Lantos Urge WHO Chief To Advance Taiwan’s Participation In Battle Against Avian Flu / 海德主席與藍托斯議員籲請世衛執行長協助台灣參與禽流感防禦體制

(January 31, 2006) Taiwanese-Americans Support President Chen Shui-bian’s Call For Abolishment of “Unification Council”

(January 31, 2006) U.S. Affirms Commitment To Taiwan’s Involvement In Bird Flu Dialogues – Blames Beijing / 美重申支持台灣參與禽流感相關合作會議,責怪北京從中阻撓

(January 30, 2006) U.S. Rep. Outraged Over Taiwan’s Name Discrimination / 美眾議員為台灣被迫使用「中華台北」參加世界棒球經典賽打抱不平

(December 16, 2005) Over 50 Representatives Urge Secretary Rice To Invite Taiwan To Beijing Avian Flu Talks/Include Taiwan In IPAPI Network / 五十多位眾議員聯署要求萊斯國務卿邀請台灣參加即將於北京召開的禽流感會議,以及禽流感國際合作計畫(IPAPI)

(December 1, 2005) U.S. Representative Calls For US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement – Endorses U.S.-Taiwan TIFA Negotiations / 美眾議員支持台美自由貿易協定以及美台貿易與投資架構協定

(August 5, 2005) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Urges New KMT Chairman Ma Ying-Jeou To Pass Arms Procurement Package / 眾議院台灣連線呼籲國民黨新任黨主席馬英九儘快通過軍購預算

(July 28, 2005) U.S. Representative Introduces Legislation Calling For U.S.-Taiwan Hi-Level Military Exchange/Urging Taiwan To Decide Future Through Referendum / 美眾議員提出決議案,呼籲台美高層軍事交流,支持公民投票決定台灣前途

(July 21, 2005) House Passes Foreign Relations Authorization Act With Important Taiwan Amendments / 眾議院全院通過國務院授權法案,包括三涉台修正案

(May 26, 2005) Members Of U.S. Congress Urge KMT Chairman Lien To Stop Obstructing Passage Of Arms Budget / 三十三位美眾議員致函中國國民黨主席連戰,呼籲以大局為重,不要再阻隢立院軍購預算

(May 26, 2005) House Subcommittee Passes Amendment In Support Of Hi-Level Visits / 眾議院國際關係委員會全球人權小組通過修正條款,支持台灣高層訪美限制解除

(March 16, 2005) Congress Passes Resolution Condemning Chinese Anti-Secession Law / 美眾議院通過第98號決議案,讉責反分裂國家法

(March 14, 2005) FAPA strongly condemns the “Anti-Secession Law” vowing to seek Congressional Support to counter the Chinese Anti-Secession Law / 反分裂國家法為武力犯台舖路,FAPA將建議美國國會,採取相關因應措施

(February 25, 2005) U.S. Representative Urges DOD To Sell Aegis To Taiwan In Light Of China’s Anti Secession Law Plans / 為制衡中國反分裂國家法,美眾議員致函國防部政策次長費斯,支持軍售台灣神盾級驅逐艦

(February 17, 2005) Taiwan Caucus Co-Chairs Express “Deep Concern” About Chinese Anti-Secession Law

(February 17, 2005) U.S. Representative Introduces Legislation Strongly Opposing China’s Anti-Secession Law / 美眾議院引進決議案,強烈反對中國反分裂國家法

(February 17, 2005) U.S. Representatives Introduce Legislation Calling For End To One China Policy / 美眾議員提出決議案,呼籲揚棄一中政策,改採一中一台政策

(February 2, 2005) U.S. House of Representatives Passes Legislation In Opposition of EU’s Plans to Lift Its Arms Embargo on People’s Republic of China / 美眾議院高票通過決議案,呼籲歐盟繼續維持對中國軍售禁令

(August 6, 2004) Colombian Taiwan Caucus Reaches Out to US Congressional Taiwan Caucus / 哥、美兩國國會台灣連線搭起跨國橋樑

(July 24, 2004) Representatives Introduces Resolution Calling For Lifting Of All Restrictions On Taiwan Hi-Level Visits / 美國會休會前夕引進決議案,再度要求取消台灣高層訪美限制

(July 15, 2004) U.S. House Passes TRA Legislation Further Opening The Door For Future Visit By Taiwan’s President To Washington D.C.

(June 24, 2004) House International Relations Committee Passes TRA Legislation Opening The Door For Future Chen Shui-Bian D.C. Visit / 美眾議院國關委員會通過紀念台灣關係法二十五週年決議案,為陳總統等台灣高層官員訪華府舖路

(June 3, 2004) Colorado Congressman Introduces Resolution Pushing Official U.S. Recognition of Taiwan

(May 19, 2004) U.S. Representatives Congratulate President Chen and Vice-President Lu On Eve Of Inauguration / 520就職典禮前夕,美眾議院聯署致函,恭祝陳呂兩人再度連任

(May 6, 2004) Senate Unanimously Passes “WHO For Taiwan” Bill

(April 29, 2004) Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes “WHO For Taiwan” Bill / 擔憂SARS重返台灣之際,美參院外委會通過法案,支持台灣參與世衛

(April 21, 2004) House Unanimously Passes “WHO For Taiwan” Bill / 眾議院無異議通過支持台灣參與世衛法案

(February 5, 2004) Senate Taiwan Caucus Chair Issues Statement Supporting Taiwan Referendum / 美國會議員、參議院台灣連線共同主席發表聲明支持台灣三月公投

(January 21, 2004) Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Joseph Lieberman Joins Senate Taiwan Caucus

(January 14, 2004) Taiwan Caucus Co-Chairs Urge WHO Chief To Establish Permanent Office In Taiwan

(July 9, 2003) Joint Organizations Urge Bush To Support Referendum Drive In Taiwan / 台美人組織籲請布希總統支持台灣公民投票

(June 27, 2003) Resolution Urges The PRC To Withdraw Its Missiles From Fukien Province / 眾議院引進決議案,呼籲中國撤除福建省沿海飛彈

(June 26, 2003) U.S. Representative Urges Taiwan To Hold Referendum / 美議員公開支持台灣公投

(June 18, 2003) FAPA Urges Bush To More Proactively Support Taiwanese Self-Determination And Further Open The Door On Independence / FAPA籲請布希總統積極支持台灣人民自決,並對台灣獨立採取更為開放的態度

(May 12, 2003) House International Relations Committee Chair Accuses WHO Of “Narrow Political Motives” / 國關委員會主席海德致函FAPA,祝賀台美傳統週並表達支持台灣參與世衛組織

(May 9, 2003) Taiwanese American Representative David Wu and Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chairs Call For “Frequent, Highest Level Exchanges” / 吳掁偉議員及台灣連線共同引進決議案,讚揚台美人貢獻並強調台美兩國高層交流的重要性

(May 8, 2003) Taiwanese American Organizations Call Upon White House To Refer To Taiwan As Taiwan And Nothing Else / 「台灣就是台灣」,台美人聯署致函布希總統

(May 2, 2003) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chairs Urge Outgoing WHO Chief Brundtland To Support Taiwan In Geneva Next Week / 台灣連線籲請世衛執行長布蘭特女士支持台灣參與今年世衛大會

(April 2, 2003) U.S. Congressman Brown Links SARS Outbreak And “WHO For Taiwan” Campaign On Floor Of House

(March 28. 2003) Killer SARS Outbreak Spurs House Members To Write To Powell Urging Him To Actively Support “WHO For Taiwan” / 眾議院就SARS致函鮑威爾,為台灣參與世衛進行遊說

(March 25, 2003) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Introduces Resolutions To Reaffirm The U.S. Commitment To The TRA / 美伊激戰之際,台灣連線引進決議案重申美對台灣安全保障的承諾

(March 11, 2003) House Passes Bill Re. “WHO For Taiwan”

(February 27, 2003) Taiwanese American Organizations Write to President Chen Shui-bian

(July 23, 2002) The Dialogue of Democracies: Today and Next January / “台美國會首度最大規模對話,並允諾明年一月台北見!”

(June 26, 2002) Senator Torricelli Introduces Resolution Stating That Future Of Taiwan Should Be Decided With Express Consent Of The People / 參議院首度引進「台灣前途需得台灣人民同意」決議案

(June 14, 2002) FAPA President Writes to KMT Chairman

(June 10, 2002) CTC to Wolfowitz and Powell: Taiwan Issue Should Be Resolved Peacefully And With The Express Consent of the People / CTC 致函沃佛維茲與鮑威爾 “台海問題和平解決,並需獲得台灣人民同意”

(May 23, 2002) Rep. Wexler Voices Strong Support For US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement / 台灣連線主席魏克斯勒致函國貿委員會主席,支持台美自由貿易協定

(May 20, 2002) CTC Co-Chairs To Chen Shui-Bian – “Unbreakable Bond Between Our Two Peoples” / 美國國會台灣連線賀陳水扁總統就職二週年:強調兩國人民不可分割的情誼,支持台海問題和平解決以及獲得台灣人民同意

(May 11, 2002) Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2002 / 美國布希總統正式宣佈亞裔傳統月,台美人傳統週在全美各地熱烈慶祝

(May 10, 2002) Thirty Eight Senators Write Powell – “Publicly Endorse Taiwan’s WHO Observership” / 三十八位參議員聯署呼籲鮑威爾,公開支持台灣WHA觀察員身份

(May 1, 2002) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chairs Urge Armitage To Have U.S. Introduce WHO For Taiwan Resolution In Geneva / 台灣連線發起人要求美國在日內瓦大會正式為台灣提案

(April 24, 2002) State Department WHO Plan: “Not Very Energized” / 美國務院WHO報告出爐,“了無新意,乏善可陳”