2019 Petitions

There are two important pieces of legislation regarding US-Taiwan relations this year.

On March 21, our friend Rep. Steve Chabot introduced H.Res.248 concluding that the U.S. should counter the PRC’s One China Principle by adopting the following policy toward Taiwan:

  1. The United States recognizes the objective reality that the Taiwan government legitimately represents a democracy of 23.5 million people;
  2. The United States will ensure any resolution of the future of Taiwan be done peacefully and with the active assent of the people of Taiwan.

In addition, the Senate introduced the “Taiwan Assurances Act” [S.878] to urge the U.S. government to adopt the following policy:

  1. Conduct regular sales and transfers of defense articles to Taiwan to enhance its self-defense capabilities;
  2. Advocate for Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the United Nations, the World Health Assembly, the International Civil Aviation Organization, and other international bodies.

The time is now to get as many co-sponsors for these legislations as possible!

You will find two petition letters below:



The first one is directed to the House of Representatives to co-sponsor the resolution, and the second one is for your Senators to co-sponsor the Taiwan Assurances Act only.

Before printing and signing the petition letters, please read the reminders below carefully:

  • Print and sign **two** **Senate** petition letters, as there are two Senators for each state.
  • Each person should sign and print each petition individually.
  • Zipcodes and States are critical information for HQ staffs.
  • Send the letters to this address: 552 7th Street S.E. Washington, DC 20003 (ATTN: Petition Letters)

This enables us to demonstrate that there is ample support for the bill in the district when we visit these Congressional offices! Thank you! Let’s do this together!