(July 9, 2003) Joint Organizations Urge Bush To Support Referendum Drive In Taiwan / 台美人組織籲請布希總統支持台灣公民投票

(June 27, 2003) Resolution Urges The PRC To Withdraw Its Missiles From Fukien Province / 眾議院引進決議案,呼籲中國撤除福建省沿海飛彈

(June 26, 2003) U.S. Representative Urges Taiwan To Hold Referendum / 美議員公開支持台灣公投

(June 18, 2003) FAPA Urges Bush To More Proactively Support Taiwanese Self-Determination And Further Open The Door On Independence / FAPA籲請布希總統積極支持台灣人民自決,並對台灣獨立採取更為開放的態度

(May 12, 2003) House International Relations Committee Chair Accuses WHO Of “Narrow Political Motives” / 國關委員會主席海德致函FAPA,祝賀台美傳統週並表達支持台灣參與世衛組織

(May 9, 2003) Taiwanese American Representative David Wu and Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chairs Call For “Frequent, Highest Level Exchanges” / 吳掁偉議員及台灣連線共同引進決議案,讚揚台美人貢獻並強調台美兩國高層交流的重要性

(May 8, 2003) Taiwanese American Organizations Call Upon White House To Refer To Taiwan As Taiwan And Nothing Else / 「台灣就是台灣」,台美人聯署致函布希總統

(May 2, 2003) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Chairs Urge Outgoing WHO Chief Brundtland To Support Taiwan In Geneva Next Week / 台灣連線籲請世衛執行長布蘭特女士支持台灣參與今年世衛大會

(April 2, 2003) U.S. Congressman Brown Links SARS Outbreak And “WHO For Taiwan” Campaign On Floor Of House

(March 28. 2003) Killer SARS Outbreak Spurs House Members To Write To Powell Urging Him To Actively Support “WHO For Taiwan” / 眾議院就SARS致函鮑威爾,為台灣參與世衛進行遊說

(March 25, 2003) Congressional Taiwan Caucus Introduces Resolutions To Reaffirm The U.S. Commitment To The TRA / 美伊激戰之際,台灣連線引進決議案重申美對台灣安全保障的承諾

(March 11, 2003) House Passes Bill Re. “WHO For Taiwan”

(February 27, 2003) Taiwanese American Organizations Write to President Chen Shui-bian

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