Press Release (2008)

(December 23, 2008) U.S. Congress Expresses Concern About Taiwan’s Deteriorating Human Rights / 美國國會憂心台灣人權倒退,FAPA呼籲馬政府謹守普世人權價值 (December 15, 2008) Taiwanese Americans Express Solidarity With The “Wild Strawberries” Students, Urging The Ma Ying-jeou Government To Heed International Concern / 台美人堅定支持野草莓與圖博(西藏)人運動,呼籲馬政府勿漠視國際關切 (November 7, 2008)

Press Release (2007)

(December 20, 2007) Members Of Congress Challenge Bush Administration’s Objection Against Taiwan’s UN Referendum Plan / 美眾議員就台灣入聯公投,強烈讉責布希政府 (December 19, 2007) U.S. Congress Calls For International Observer Delegations To Taiwan For March 2008 Elections (November 27, 2007) Rep. Tancredo Blasts WHO

Press Release (2006)

(May 15, 2006) Pressed By FAPA, USPS Drops China Reference / 美國郵政總局回應FAPA要求,為台灣正名 (May 2, 2006) U.S. Representatives Urge Secretary Rice To Communicate Directly With Taiwan President / 美國會議員呼籲萊斯國務卿直接與台灣總統對話 (April 7, 2006) Taiwan Caucus Co-Chairs Call For Lifting Of All Restrictions

Press Release (2005)

(December 16, 2005) Over 50 Representatives Urge Secretary Rice To Invite Taiwan To Beijing Avian Flu Talks/Include Taiwan In IPAPI Network / 五十多位眾議員聯署要求萊斯國務卿邀請台灣參加即將於北京召開的禽流感會議,以及禽流感國際合作計畫(IPAPI) (December 1, 2005) U.S. Representative Calls For US-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement – Endorses U.S.-Taiwan TIFA Negotiations /

Press Release (2004)

(August 6, 2004) Colombian Taiwan Caucus Reaches Out to US Congressional Taiwan Caucus / 哥、美兩國國會台灣連線搭起跨國橋樑 (July 24, 2004) Representatives Introduces Resolution Calling For Lifting Of All Restrictions On Taiwan Hi-Level Visits / 美國會休會前夕引進決議案,再度要求取消台灣高層訪美限制 (July 15, 2004) U.S. House Passes TRA

Press Release (2003)

(July 9, 2003) Joint Organizations Urge Bush To Support Referendum Drive In Taiwan / 台美人組織籲請布希總統支持台灣公民投票 (June 27, 2003) Resolution Urges The PRC To Withdraw Its Missiles From Fukien Province / 眾議院引進決議案,呼籲中國撤除福建省沿海飛彈 (June 26, 2003) U.S. Representative Urges Taiwan To Hold

Press Release (2002)

(July 23, 2002) The Dialogue of Democracies: Today and Next January / “台美國會首度最大規模對話,並允諾明年一月台北見!” (June 26, 2002) Senator Torricelli Introduces Resolution Stating That Future Of Taiwan Should Be Decided With Express Consent Of The People / 參議院首度引進「台灣前途需得台灣人民同意」決議案 (June 14, 2002) FAPA


For Immediate Release Washington D C – March 8, 2019 Contact: (202) 547-3686   U.S. REPRESENTATIVE TED YOHO URGES HHS SECRETARY AZAR TO ATTEND GTCF MEETING IN TAIPEI   In a letter dated March 8, former chairman of the House Asian