A Leading Voice for Taiwan in America

A Leading Voice for Taiwan in America


【Important】2021 FAPA At-Large Election Notification

Only 2021 FAPA Active Members (as July 31) are eligible to vote.

We have sent out the At-Large Board election ballots along with the candidates’ resumes and their policy platforms to the eligible voting members on Sep.13.  

Ballots must be returned to and received by the Election Committee on or before Sept. 30, 2021. Ballots received later than Sep. 30, 2021 (by postmark date) will be considered null and void.  

When you receive the ballot and materials, please read through the instructions clearly. Please noted that there is only one ballot in one envelope. You will receive 2 envelopes if you are household member. 

There are sixteen (16) spots open for the at-large board for this year’s at-large election. Each ballot may vote for up to a maximum of 4 candidates.

Please report to your chapter president so he/she can inform the election committee if you are the eligible voting member but haven’t received the ballot by September 20. Any questions about the election, please contact the committee for explanation at election@fapa.org.