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EAGLE Act (H.R.3524)

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【Petition】The Eagle Act (H.R.3524) includes the Taiwan Fellowship Act and elements of the Strategic Competition Act. With one key change, it can become a law that makes a major step on strengthening US support for Taiwan.

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Taiwan Diplomatic Review Act (H.R.3634)

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【Petition】Support Taiwan Diplomatic Review Act (H.R.3634) to ensure that Taiwan’s official representatives in the U.S. are accorded the dignity they deserve and strengthen congressional oversight over Taiwan policy.

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Taiwan Fellowship Act

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【Petition】If passed, a two-year fellowship program will be launched to send U.S. government employees to Taiwan to work with their counterparts.

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【Petition】The bill request the Secretary of State to develop a strategy to regain observer status for Taiwan in the WHO.

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【Petition】The H.Con.Res.21 urges the U.S. to resume diplomatic relations and negotiate BTA with Taiwan. It also supports Taiwan's international participation.

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Taiwan PLUS Act (H.R.2103)

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【Petition】The Act will enhance Taiwan’s self-defense capabilities, improving US-Taiwan defense cooperation, and making Taiwan a “NATO Plus” country.

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Support Asian Americans

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【Petition】Ask for the enactment of stronger hate crimes laws allowing additional penalties for offenses when motivated by a victim’s origins.

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