A Leading Voice for Taiwan

FAPA’s mission is educational. The organization provides US policymakers, the media, scholars and the general public with information on issues related to Taiwan. FAPA informs and updates Members of Congress and their staff on issues regarding Taiwan. FAPA seeks to articulate the point of view of the people of Taiwan.

Our Mission

FAPA seeks:

(1) To promote international support for the right of the people of Taiwan to establish an independent and democratic country and to join the international community;

(2) To promote relations and cooperation between Taiwan and the United States;

(3) To protect the right of self-determination for the people of Taiwan;

(4) To promote peace and security for Taiwan; and

(5) To advance the rights and interests of Taiwanese communities throughout the world.

Grassroots Advocacy

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we do not fundraise for or endorse candidates or elected officials. 
However, we encourage FAPA members to be politically active, and regularly attend local town halls and events with their members of Congress to relay them the message of U.S.-Taiwan relations.

Align with American Interests

FAPA sees support for democratization in Taiwan as beneficial to American interests, since a more open society on Taiwan will help foster safety, security and peace in the Pacific Basin. The 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, which serves as the cornerstone of US-Taiwan relations, reads: “It is the policy of the United States– to consider any effort to determine the future of Taiwan by other than peaceful means […] of grave concern to the United States.”

Congressional Advocacy

FAPA headquarters announces major US-Taiwan relations initiatives at the beginning of every year. We take the follow actions to carry out our advocacy plan:

  • Advocate and build partnerships on the Hill
  • Collect and organize petition letters
  • Draft talking points to assist advocacy work of local FAPA chapters
  • Publish electronic weekly news updates to enhance Hill staffers’ awareness of the issues in Taiwan.

Members are our

Local Chapters

Our Projects

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Youth Development Project

Our Team

2020 -2021

Minze V. Chien

National President

Chiao-Yun Anny Hsiao

National Vice President

HQ Staff

Cosette Chen

Assistant Administrative Manager
Cosette Chen is the Assistant Administrative Manager focusing on community development, database management and program operation. She received her MA from American University’s International Economic Relations, specializing in international business and development, and received her BA in Economics at National Chengchi University.

Dee Wu

Political Science Research Analyst
Dee Wu is the Political Science Research Analyst. He devises and promotes FAPA’s policy agenda. Prior to joining FAPA, he had interned at the Project 2049 Institute and National Bureau of Asian Research, where he focused on Taiwan military, East Asian maritime balance, and US-China relations. Dee received a MS in Foreign Service degree at Georgetown University in May 2018. His areas of focus include Chinese foreign policy, military strategy, intelligence studies, among others. He earned his BA in Sociology at National Taiwan University.

Chih-Yun Huang

Political Science Research Analyst
Chih-Yun Huang is the Political Science Research Analyst. Before she came to the United States, she worked in the Department of Campaign Rally of Tsai Ing-Wen Presidential Campaign HQ, where she directed five campaign rallies and supported other 14 indoor and outdoor campaign rallies. After the Campaign, Chih-Yun worked as a Secretary for Jhao-Syong Ruan, Taipei City Councilor. Chih-Yun received her Masters degree in Public Administration from Syracuse University with a focus of Non-Profit Management. She held a BA degree in Political Sciences from National Taiwan University.