2021 Proposal to Amend the FAPA Bylaws

Proposed Membership Termination Rules

The Standing Committee has proposed to amend the FAPA bylaw: “Article III: Membership.” 

If passed, FAPA will have the power to suspend or terminate memberships for reasons like failing to pay dues. The process is deliberative and gives member a chance to explain themselves before a vote is cast to decide on their outcome. 

Previously, there is no mechanism to remove members from FAPA. This bylaw proposal is necessary for FAPA to maintain and define its membership in consistent with values outlined in its mission statement. 

Members can be subjected to suspension if they: 

  1. Provide false information their membership application, 
  2. Fail to pay their dues or fulfill their membership requirements on time, 
  3. Said, wrote, or acted in ways contradictory to FAPA’s mission, or in ways that undermines the standings and operations of FAPA. 

Suspension Process

Step 1

A written petition is initiated by:

  1. FAPA President or Executive Director, 
  2. Five members of Board of Director,
  3. Chapter President which the subject member is a part of, 

Step 2

Either the Standing Committee or the Board of Director is recommended to host suspension meeting, 

Step 3

A deliberative process happens, where: 

  1. Reasons, evidences, proposed length, and effective date are introduced,  
  2. And are mailed to the member subjected to the suspension meeting, at least 21 days before the suspension hearing, 
  3. Subject member can present rebuttal, if  given at least five days prior to suspension meeting, 

Step 4

The selected group (Standing Committee or the Board of Director) will pass a vote, 

Step 5

If the majority of the group votes in favor of suspension, subject member will be suspended. 

Termination by Expulsion 

If a member has previously been suspended and is found to repeat the violation that led to suspension, then they may be subjected termination. 

The process for termination is identical with the suspension process, except: 

  1. Notification to subject member will be sent 45 days, instead of 21 days, in advance. 
  2. If written petition is submitted by members of the Board of Director to start the process, ten members are needed to petition instead of five. 
  3. Subjected member can give an oral rebuttal in addition to a written one. 
  4. A two-third vote is needed to pass the petition, instead of a simple majority.