2021 National Advocacy Conference

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The three-day Conference (Sep 11-13) will discuss US-Taiwan relations, Taiwan’s international space, and other Taiwan-related issues. In the end, it will provide a chance for you to put everything you have learned into action on Capitol Hill. The Conference is an excellent opportunity to sharpen your advocacy skills for a cause dear to you.

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Episode II: Three Pieces of Taiwan Legislation Currently Before Congress

【Online Event】During our May 15 event we will hear from Congressional staff and Taiwan specialists about the bills, and why their content is important for Taiwan and for Taiwanese Americans. We will especially zero in on S811 - the Taiwan Fellowship Act, HCR21 calling for U.S.-Taiwan diplomatic relations, and HR2103 which designates Taiwan as a NATO PLUS member.

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2021 Speech Tour: Audrey Tang

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【Online Event】台灣的國際空間近年來有許多的轉變與發展,去年起更因為台灣的數位整合和防疫成果,讓台灣的民主價值和數位軟實力再度被國際看見。身在美國的我們要如何運用這波潮流一起拉近台美關係呢?歡迎報名FAPA Speech Tour與數位政委唐鳳一起來討論和交流!

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2021 Speech Tour: Ting-yu Wang

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【Online Event】王定宇自2016年起擔任台南立委,同時也是前立法院外交國防委員會召委及現任成員,更是FAPA第一屆Emerging Leaders。在他擔任立委期間,是促成實踐蔡政府國防軍事政策的重要人物。歡迎報名參加這場活動,一起聆聽王委員對美台關係的見解!

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2020 TX-S Event: Hsin-Tai Wu

【Online Event】吳欣岱醫師畢業於陽明大學醫學系,現在是心血管外科醫師,同時也是高雄好過日協會理事長,以及台灣基進性別發展部主任,還有全國醫師醫療產業工會發起人。年紀輕輕的她在今年初代表了台灣基進參選全國不分區立委,相信她的斜槓人生能為我們帶來非常精彩的演講。

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