FAPA Sustaining Supporter Drive

April 25, 2024 – August 31, 2024

Become a sustaining supporter of FAPA today with an ongoing monthly contribution via our recurring donation program!

To support FAPA’s operations in carrying out its missions, we are launching a Sustaining Supporter Drive! The purpose of the drive is to recruit FAPA members and supporters who will make a pledge via the newly launched FAPA-50 (our new initiative beginning in 2024), FAPA-100, or FAPA-200.

The campaign aims to recruit at least 25 donors who pledge to commit to FAPA-50, 100, or 200. Any donation level is welcome. Supporters and their chapters will be publicly recognized on FAPA’s social media (supporters may remain anonymous if they wish).

Receive a limited FAPA jacket!

When you join as a sustaining supporter with a monthly contribution during the drive period, you will receive a limited edition FAPA bomber jacket as a thank you gift. Sizes are subject to availability.

PROGRAMContribution Level
FAPA-50*$50/month for 24 months
FAPA-100$100/month for 24 months
FAPA-200$200/month for 24 months

*Note: Enrollment into FAPA-50 is exclusively for individuals and not eligible for those who wish to contribute as a couple.

How to Get a FAPA Jacket

1. Enroll in a recurring donation program (FAPA-50, FAPA-100, or FAPA-200) by clicking on “donate” to become a sustaining supporter!

2. Remember to check the box next to “Make this a monthly donation.”

3. Click “Donate with PayPal.”

4. Email us at [email protected] with a screenshot of the donation confirmation page with the subject line: I’m a FAPA sustaining supporter now!


You will be eligible for a jacket drawing after completing the aforementioned during the drive period between April 25, 2024 and August 31, 2024.

Winner Announcement

Jackets will be distributed at the National Advocacy Conference in September 2024 or shipped to eligible Sustaining Supporters upon request.

FAPA-50 Membership

$50 per month for 24 installments

FAPA-100 Membership

$100 per month for 24 installments

FAPA-200 Membership

$200 per month for 24 installments

Customize Your Gifts

Not eligible for complementary life-long membership

Become FAPA Sponsor

One Time donation of $10,000

Become FAPA Patron

One Time donation of $20,000

Become FAPA Guardian

One Time donation of $50,000