67 Taiwanese American Groups Call For U.S. Support For Taiwan Referendum In Washington Post Ad

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Washington DC – February 9, 2008
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67 Taiwanese American Groups Call For U.S. Support For Taiwan Referendum In Washington Post Ad

On Sunday February 10, 67 Taiwanese American sponsors will place a half page advertisement in the Washington Post seeking support for Taiwan’s upcoming UN referendum. The ad will appear in the Post’s “Outlook” section, the must-read section for political pundits and for readers interested in foreign policy.

The ad expresses the sentiment of a vast roster of Taiwanese American organizations that strongly support the democratic referendum plans.

Deeply disturbed by the fact that over the last few months of 2007 several high officials of the Bush Administration made statements in which they express opposition to Taiwan’s planned referendum, calling it “provocative” and “a mistake,” the organizations felt that time for action is now.

In the ad the organizations not only urge the United States government to support Taiwan’s full membership in international organizations, they also urge President Bush to “trust the people of Taiwan to choose a future of freedom and peace,” by supporting Taiwan’s upcoming democratic referendum.

FAPA President Bob Yang states: “We believe that US repeated high-volume opposition to the referendum casts doubt upon the US willingness to stand up for democracy, and undermines the US position as a champion of democracy in East Asia.”

Dr. Yang concludes: “We ask that the US support Taiwan’s upcoming referendum. And if -for whatever reason- they are unable to support it, we ask that they at least keep quiet and let Taiwan’s democratic process run its course.”

The organizations urge President Bush to make good on his words when he said in his Second Inaugural address in 2004: “So it is the policy of the United States to seek and support the growth of democratic movements and institutions in every nation and culture…” Also, when he stated in his recent State of the Union Address on January 28th 2008: “Our foreign policy is based on a clear premise: We trust that people, when given the chance, will choose a future of freedom and peace.”

The ad concludes: “There can be no double standard when it comes to supporting democracy.”








Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz (Flickr)