FAPA Expresses Outrage Over Sentencing Of Former President Chen

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Washington DC – September 11, 2009
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FAPA Expresses Outrage Over Sentencing Of Former President Chen

The Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), a Washington DC-based advocacy organization of Taiwanese Americans, today expressed outrage over the heavy sentences meted out on September 11th 2009 in Taipei to former President Chen Shui-bian and his wife Wu Shu-chen.

“This is political persecution by judicial means” states FAPA President Prof. Bob Yang. He adds:  “Chen’s real “crime” is that he pushed the entrenched Kuomintang regime out of office in 2000, and moved Taiwan in the direction of freedom and independence.”

Yang adds: “Many international scholars have expressed concern about the legal process. If we examine similar past graft cases in Taiwan and other countries around the world, this unusually heavy sentence given to Chen only reinforces the belief of many Taiwanese citizens and international scholars that the charges against Chen are politically motivated. FAPA calls upon the KMT authorities to release former President Chen pending the further appeal procedures, which are bound to take a long time. His incarceration is making it sheer impossible for him to build an adequate defense, denying him a truly fair trial.”

Yang concludes: “The Kuomintang government could have moved Taiwan in the right direction by conducting a scrupulously fair trial.  Instead, they blew their chance and turned it into a political circus, deepening the political divide in Taiwan.”

“It is a sad day for Taiwan’s young democracy.”

FAPA就陳前總統遭判無期徒刑表達憤怒, 呼籲上訴期間釋放陳前總統






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