U.S. Representative Calls For Establishment Of Congressional Taiwan Commission

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Washington DC – June 7, 2012
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U.S. Representative Calls For Establishment Of Congressional Taiwan Commission

On June 6, United States Congressman Robert Andrews (D-NJ) introduced H.R.5902 legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives to establish a “Congressional Advisory Commission on the Implementation of United States Policy under the Taiwan Relations Act.”

The bill calls for the appointment of a five-member commission to be named by the President and leaders of the House and Senate, for the purpose of producing an official report, within one year of convening its first meeting, on the implementation of the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) by the U.S. government since 2000.

Hewing closely to the language of the TRA, the legislation outlines the areas for review by the Commission, including:

  • The sufficiency of defense articles made available to Taiwan by the United States
  • Current and potential threats to the security, social, or economic system of the people on Taiwan, and the extent to which the United States retains the capability to resist any resort to force…that would jeopardize the above
  • Measures taken by the U.S. government toward the preservation and enhancement of the human rights of the people of Taiwan
  • Policy options for the United States to advance toward a normalization of the relationship with Taiwan

The concept of a Congressional Taiwan commission follows from the testimony of Mr. Randall Schriver, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Project 2049 Institute, before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on June 16, 2011 in a hearing titled “Why Taiwan Matters.”  On that occasion Schriver highlighted the tendency of successive U.S. administrations to relegate relations with Taiwan to a “sub-issue in U.S.-China bilateral ties.”

Schriver added: “Objective analysis is important because it remains the legal obligation of this administration to make weapons for self-defense available to our democratic friend Taiwan.”

FAPA President Mark Kao, Ph.D. says: “The Taiwan Relations Act today stands as a model of legislative leadership in the history of U.S. foreign policy, yet Congress has yet to undertake a comprehensive review of TRA’s implementation in the 33 years since its initial passage.”

Dr. Kao continues: “There is increasing concern about whether the United States government is faithfully executing its obligations under the TRA, which after all is the Law of the Land.  The establishment of an objective advisory commission, whose sole purpose is to examine the actual implementation of all of the provisions of the TRA, will contribute greatly to addressing this gap.”


美國國會安德魯斯眾議員(Robert Andrews, D-NJ)於6月6日星期三,提出H.R.5902法案,於眾議院成立「國會監督委員會」,將在台灣關係法之下,審核美國政策執行效能。



  • 美國提供台灣足夠的國防軍備
  • 台灣人民在安全、社會及經濟制度上目前及潛在的威脅,及評估美國對上述威脅及武力行動的儲備力
  • 美國政府協助維持並加強台灣人權的措施
  • 提供美國與台灣關係邁向正常化的政策選項






Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons