U.S. Representative Introduces “UN for Taiwan” Legislation

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Washington DC – September 10, 2015
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U.S. Representative Introduces “UN for Taiwan” Legislation

In light of the opening of the annual General Assembly session in New York on Tuesday, September 15, U.S. Representative Scott Garrett (R-NJ) introduced H.Con.Res.76 on September 9 concluding “That it is the sense of Congress that Taiwan and its people deserve membership in the United Nations.”

The resolution quotes from the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act stating: “Nothing in this Act may be construed as a basis for supporting the exclusion or expulsion of Taiwan from continued membership in any international financial institution or any other international organization.”

It also lauds the “close relationship that has existed for the past 50 years between the United States and Taiwan, which has been of major economic, cultural, and strategic advantage to both countries” and emphasizes Taiwan’s long time desire to join the United Nations.

FAPA President Mark Kao, Ph.D. states: “Taiwan is an independent country that fulfills all conditions for statehood:  a permanent population, a defined territory, government, and capacity to enter into relations with other states.There are no legal obstacles for Taiwan to join the UN, just one political obstacle: the People’s Republic of China. The PRC opposes Taiwan’s membership in the UN for such membership would constitute international recognition of the reality that Taiwan is an independent country. The time is now for the international community to form a coalition to jointly stand up against China and support Taiwan’s entry into the UN.”

Dr. Kao concludes:  “This coming Saturday September 12, Taiwanese Americans will gather on New York’s Times Square to rally in support of Taiwan’s membership in the UN.”


為因應9月15日於紐約開幕的年度聯合國大會,紐澤西州共和黨議員蓋瑞(Scott Garrett)於眾議院提出編號H.C.R.76的法案。此法案主要內容為表達「美國國會認同台灣及其人民有權享有聯合國會員身分」的支持。



台 灣人公共事務會會長高龍榮博士指出:「台灣是個獨立國家,符合國家需要的所有條件,包括固定的人口、既定的國界、政府,以及與其他國家發展關係的能力。台 灣加入聯合國沒有任何法律障礙,只有一項政治攔阻-中華人民共和國。中國反對台灣加入聯合國,因為若台灣成功加入聯合國,將意味著國際間認同台灣為一獨立 國家。現在便是國際社會共同反制中國,支持台灣加入聯合國的最佳時機。」



Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)