U.S. Representative Urges Taiwan To Hold Referendum

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Washington DC – June 26, 2003
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U.S. Representative Urges Taiwan To Hold Referendum

Today, Representative Robert Andrews (D-NJ), using the 54th anniversary of the deployment by President Harry Truman of the US 7th Fleet to the Taiwan Strait to protect Taiwan against the possibility of an invasion by the People’s Republic of China (PRC), issued a statement urging his fellow Members of Congress “and the Administration to support Taiwanese efforts to hold a referendum vote on the issue of admittance into the WHO.”

The Congressman continues: “The people of Taiwan deserve to have their voices heard in this ongoing debate, the outcome of which will have a monumental effect on their health and well-being. As the foremost promoter of freedom and democracy around the world, we can not in good faith deter the people of Taiwan from holding their referendum. There can be no double standard when it comes to exercising democracy.”

In his statement, which will be followed by the introduction of a resolution later today expressing US concern about the PRC continued refusal to renounce the use of force against Taiwan, Rep. Andrews also states that China must not have a say in Taiwan’s future. “No group but the citizenry of Taiwan has the right to determine the future of Taiwan,” the Congressman says.

FAPA President Ming-chi Wu states: “Representative Andrews’ remarks on a referendum in Taiwan are very timely. FAPA believes that a referendum is the foremost and most democratic and practical means to let the voice of a people be heard. It is therefore important and urgent that Taiwan’s legislature passes the necessary plebiscite laws enabling the people of Taiwan to have their voice heard. Nobody but the people of Taiwan has the right to determine the future of Taiwan!”


近日來美國是否支持台灣舉行公投在美台間引起了宣然大波。有別於行政部門模糊不清的態度,美國紐澤西眾議員安德魯斯(Robert Andrews, D-NJ)在今日藉由杜魯門總統派遣第七艦隊至台灣海峽五十四週年紀念之際發表書面聲明,支持台灣前途以和平方式解決,而且必須得到台灣人民的同意。安德魯斯議員並表示他支持台灣以公投方式表達加入世衛組織的意願。

安德魯斯議員的書面聲明將載入國會記錄(Congressional Record)。安德魯斯議員表示:「中國佈署在福建沿海的飛彈無助於台灣與中國關係的和平解決。我們不能期待台灣人民每天活在這種受威脅與不確定的日子。在民主之名下,我們必須確定台灣前途必須和平解決,並且終需得到台灣人民的同意。」安德魯斯議員繼續表示:「在此同時,我也籲請我的同僚們支持台灣人民就是否參與世衛一事舉行公投。台灣人民有權利讓他們的聲音在這場持續性的辯論中被聽到,其結果將對台灣人民健康與福利有深遠的影響。我們(美國)自許為世界上自由與民主的首要提倡者,我們不應眜著良心阻止台灣人民舉行公投。民主的實踐不應有雙重標準。」



Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz (Flickr)