U.S. Representatives Call for Sale of F-16’s to Taiwan

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Washington DC – April 7, 2011
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U.S. Representatives Call for Sale of F-16’s to Taiwan

“Future of Taiwan Should Be Determined Solely by the People of Taiwan”

On April 7, New Jersey Reps. Robert Andrews (D-NJ) and Scott Garrett (R-NJ) introduced a resolution calling for the expeditious delivery of F16’s to Taiwan and concluding that the future of Taiwan should be determined by the people of Taiwan.

The resolution (H.Con.Res.39) concludes that “it is the sense of Congress that –

(3) the future of Taiwan should be determined peacefully by the people of Taiwan and free from coercion by the Government of the People’s Republic of China; and

(4) the President should take immediate steps to redress the deteriorating balance of airpower noted by the 2010 DOD’s annual report on China’s military power, and move forward expeditiously with the sale to Taiwan of new F-16 C/D aircraft and upgrades of the existing F-16 A/B fleet.”

The resolution also refers to the Taiwan Relations Act as “the cornerstone of United States-Taiwan relations…” and states that “in the near-term, China’s armed forces are rapidly developing coercive capabilities for the purpose of deterring Taiwan’s pursuit of de jure independence.”

FAPA President Bob Yang states: “The continuing deterioration of Taiwan’s F-16’s fleet stands in stark contrast to China’s unending growth of its defense budget – 12.7 percent as announced by China’s government last month.  Not only is Taiwan’s national security interest at stake in this process, but the U.S. national interest and U.S. credibility and reputation in the region as well.”

Dr. Yang concludes: “China’s motives are clear. They want to annex Taiwan and if they do not succeed in doing so peacefully they will do it by force. It is therefore high time for Congress to affirm the democratic notion of self-determination emphasizing that the future of Taiwan should be determined peacefully and solely by the people of Taiwan; i.e. not by China.”



紐澤西州民主黨眾議員安德魯斯(Reps. Robert Andrews, D-NJ)及共和黨眾議員蓋瑞特(Scott Garrett, R-NJ)於4月5日提出法案,呼籲美國政府儘速將F-16系列戰機軍售台灣,並表示台灣的未來應該僅由台灣人決定。


(3) 台灣的未來應該由台灣人民以和平的方式決定,並不受來自中華人民共和國政府的干預;而且

(4) 總統應該立即採取行動,來修正2010國防部中國軍事力量年度報告中所點出失衡的空軍戰力,並儘速軍售台灣新型F-16 C/D戰機及升級現有 F-16 A/B 機群。





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