U.S. Representatives Introduce “UN for Taiwan” Legislation

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Washington DC –September 18, 2013
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U.S. Representatives Introduce “UN for Taiwan” Legislation

On, September 17, 2013, the very day that the United Nations opened its annual General Assembly session in New York, Representatives Scott Garrett (R-NJ), Joe Barton (R-TX) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) introduced a resolution (H.Con.Res.55) concluding “That it is the sense of Congress that Taiwan and its 23,000,000 people deserve membership in the United Nations.”

The resolution quotes from the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act stating: “Nothing in this Act may be construed as a basis for supporting the exclusion or expulsion of Taiwan from continued membership in any international financial institution or any other international organization.”

It also lauds the “close relationship that has existed for the past 50 years between the United States and Taiwan, which has been of major economic, cultural, and strategic advantage to both countries” and emphasizes Taiwan’s long time desire to join the United Nations.

FAPA President Mark. Kao, Ph.D. states: “”his legislation sends a clear signal to the United Nations and its member states that the UN should open its doors for Taiwan right here and right now. Simultaneously, they send a signal to the U.S. Government that U.S. support for Taiwan’s full and equal membership in international organizations such as the UN should be based on how Taiwan can contribute to and benefit from international organizations – not on Chinese attempts to annex Taiwan.”

Dr. Kao concludes: “The Chinese leadership should stop obstructing Taiwan from playing its natural and necessary role in meeting global challenges by joining international organizations. When an international outcry in support of UN membership for Taiwan is strong enough, Beijing will back down. Such pressure needs to and will continue.”


於二零一三年九月十七日,在紐約的聯合國年度大會所召開的日子,紐澤西州共和黨眾議員蓋瑞(Scott Garret)、德州共和黨眾議員巴頓(Joe Barton)及強森(Eddie Bernice Johnson)提出了第55號決議案指出「國會認為台灣以及其兩千三百萬人民應成為聯合國的會員。」






Photo Credit: Wally Gobetz (Flickr)