U.S. Senator Sends Letter To WHO Protesting “Province Of China” Memo

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Washington DC – June 9, 2011
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U.S. Senator Sends Letter To WHO Protesting “Province Of China” Memo

Expressing support for Taiwan’s full membership

On June 2nd 2011, US Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) sent a letter to World Health Organization (WHO) director general Margaret Chan expressing concern about the internal memo which recently became public in Taiwan, in which the organization instructed its institutions to refer to Taiwan as “province of China.”

In the letter, Senator Brown stated that by implying that Taiwan is a “province of China” the WHO “…is going beyond its mandate as the world global health authority and is in violation of US policy.”

Senator Brown added: “I am concerned that the WHO has unwittingly entered into dangerous political waters that are contrary to its mission and detrimental to its goals.  The WHO is not a political authority within the UN and should not act as such.”

The Ohio senator, who has long advocated Taiwan’s full membership in all international organizations, including the United Nations and the WHO, concluded: “As a strong supporter of your organization I have always believed that the WHO is a universal organization and that it should therefore open its doors to all members of the world community, including Taiwan.”

FAPA President Bob Yang commented in a reaction: “”Senator Brown is hitting the nail right on the head: the WHO internal memo is not in keeping with the basic principle of universality for which the WHO should stand.  It relegates Taiwan to a secondary status as a subsidiary of China, which is a violation of US policy as laid down in the Taiwan Relations Act.”

Dr. Yang added: “The memo has brought to light the fallacy of the approach by the Ma Ying-jeou administration in Taiwan to participation in international organizations.  In 2009, it presented its observership as a major “breakthrough”, but now we find out that it came at the cost of Taiwan’s sovereignty as a free and democratic nation.”

Dr. Yang concluded: “We hope that both the WHO and the US government will from now on adhere to the basic principle of universality and support Taiwan’s full membership in international organizations. Taiwan is a free and democratic nation and deserves to be treated like all other nations in the world.”

美參議員致函世衛組織 抗議「中國省份」密件


美國俄亥俄州民主黨參議員布朗(Sherrod Brown, OH-D),於2011年6月2日致函世界衛生組織幹事長陳馮富珍女士,就最近在台灣揭露的世衛內部密件,指示相關單位稱呼台灣為「中國的省分」乙事,表達抗議。







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