FAPA: “Taiwanese Americans Want To Be Counted!”

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Washington DC – June 21, 2016
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FAPA: “Taiwanese Americans Want To Be Counted!”

In a letter to the National Advisory Committee of the Census Bureau dated June 21st, 2016, FAPA President Peter Chen, formally requested the Census Bureau that a check off box for “Taiwanese” be added under the race question (question six) on the Census 2020 form.

FAPA started this campaign for a separate check off box under the race question before the 2000 Census. Then FAPA President Wen-yen Chen appeared as a witness to a congressional hearing before the Subcommittee on the Census in 1998. However, FAPA was informed by the Census Bureau that a 1997 State Department memorandum stipulated that the “listing of “Taiwanese” as a race in a Census questionnaire would inevitably raise sensitive political questions…contrary to the U.S. Government policy and U.S. national interest.”

In his letter, FAPA President Peter Chen wrote: “We believe however that the demographic count from the Census Bureau is a purely domestic American affair, and should not fall victim to international politics.”

This is especially true as the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service already maintains a separate quota for Taiwanese coming to the United States, there should be no reason for the Census Bureau to continue this policy based on international political concerns.

In his letter, Peter Chen added: “According to the Washington-based East-West Center, the Taiwanese American population in the 2000 Census was 144,795, while in the 2010 Census it was 230,382.1 However, according to 2014 Homeland Security data on Lawful Permanent Residents, the Taiwanese American population accumulated between 1950 and 2014 to 472,222.2 Therefore, we believe that a better total estimate of Taiwanese Americans today would be around 500,000. Clearly, there are severe discrepancies between Federal Agencies when counting the Taiwanese American population.  The Census Bureau can no longer ignore this.”

Peter Chen reacts: “The current policy of the Census Bureau to exclude a Taiwanese check off box is solely a U.S. self-imposed restriction. We want accurate data on how many Taiwanese Americans there are today. Nobody knows! This is unconscionable. We want to be counted!”






在這封信中又說道:「根據位在華府的East-West Center,在2000年和2010年的人口普查中台美人口分為144,795及230,328。但是根據國安局在合法永久居留者的數據裡,從1950年至2014年的台美人已高達472,222。所以我們相信若要估計現今台美人的人口數的話應該是約在五十萬左右。很明顯的,台美人的人口數據在聯邦政府的單位裡已經有很大的差別了。人口調查局則不能再繼續的忽略此事。」

陳正義會長還說:「人口調查局目前在普查表上排除台灣人選項的政策,是一個自我設限的規定。我們需要有一個正確算出最正確台美人的數據。沒有任何人知道最新數據,這完全不合理。台美人要求被列入選項和尊重! 」