Joint Letter to WHO by Three Taiwanese-American Organizations

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Washington DC – April 2, 2020
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Joint Letter to WHO by Three Taiwanese-American Organizations

On April 2, 2020, three Taiwanese-American organizations, the North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA), the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), and the North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association (NATPA) issued a joint letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) in response to their earlier statement on Taiwan’s participation dated March 29.

In the joint letter, the three organizations rebuked WHO’s claim that “the question of Taiwanese membership in WHO is up to WHO Member States, not WHO staff.” They argued that it is the WHO Secretariat that has been playing a decisive role in excluding Taiwan’s participation. Their manipulation of meeting agenda regarding Taiwan’s participation during past annual Assembly precludes the decisions by Member States and a transparent democratic process.

The three organizations further asserted that the human rights of the people of Taiwan is not a matter to be determined or voted by the WHO Secretariat nor the Member States, for its violation against the WHO’s Constitution and the idea of “health for all.” It is also in the interests of the international community to embrace Taiwan, a country to give more than to receive. The island nation’s expertise and passion are indispensable to global health.

FAPA President Dr. Minze Chien states: “The joint letter with NATMA and NATPA shows Taiwanese Americans’ solidarity with the people of Taiwan. When the Congress is back in session, FAPA will do its utmost to help pass S.249, a bill to direct the Secretary of State to develop a strategy to regain Taiwan’s observer status in the WHO. We will also continue to advocate for the ultimate goal of Taiwan’s full membership in the global health body.”




台美人社團更強調,台灣人民的人權不應交由世衛秘書處或成員國恣意決定。此違反了世衛官方的宗旨及其Health for All的理想。同時,台灣的參與亦符合國際社會的利益。台灣的專業以及熱情對全球公共衛生領域不可或缺。


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