Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2002

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Washington DC – May 11, 2002
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Taiwanese American Heritage Week 2002

Week-long celebrations of the fourth annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week (TAHW) will take place across the United States during Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month starting from the Mother’s Day weekend.

On May 1st this year, President Bush stated in his proclamation of Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, Our Nation’s rich cultural diversity reflects our Constitution’s core vision of freedom and justice for all. Throughout our history, Asian/Pacific Americans have made great contributions to American’s heritage and prosperity. “Through the years, Asian immigrants and Pacific Islanders have enriched the American way of life.” Furthermore, President Bush proclaimed, “I call upon our citizens to learn more about the history of Asian/Pacific American and how they have contributed so much to our national heritage and culture.”

This special week honors the outstanding contributions of over 500,000 Taiwanese Americans to our nation’s social, economic and political life, as well as provides an opportunity for all to learn more about Taiwanese heritage and ancestry. The celebration is also a vehicle to promote the image and welfare of Taiwanese Americans and to enhance mutual understanding and stronger unity among different generation of Taiwanese Americans.

Year 2002 is special as Americans from all backgrounds express appreciation for the support of their fellow citizens in the Taiwanese American community in the aftermath of the September 11 tragedy. Taiwanese Americans responded overwhelmingly to the relief effort, another example of the community’s steadfast commitment to democracy and human rights. As Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), Chairman of the Committee on International Relations, noted in his May 7th letter to TAHW celebration participants, “This is yet another example of the Taiwanese community’s support for the preservation of the institutions of this democracy, as well as its values, and for the maintenance of the rule of law under the threat of international terrorism.”

Finally, 2002 is a significant year as Rep. David Wu (D-OR), the first Taiwanese American elected to the Congress, introduced H. Res. 411, “Supporting the goals of Taiwanese American Heritage Week,” which recognizes the ‘profound importance of Taiwanese Americans to the United States’ and declares that “the warm relations and bilateral exchange between the people of the United States and Taiwan should grow” on May 2nd.

“We are proud at FAPA to have initiated the annual TAHW, and we are thrilled to see the celebration grow tremendously at the national and local level every year,” stated FAPA President, Ming-chi Wu, Ph.D.


日前,正當布希總統正式送交台灣人公共事務會(FAPA)一份正式的宣告文件,關於他對亞裔美人傳統月(Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month)的贊揚時,幾乎同時,在全美各地的台灣同鄉紛紛展開約達一周的台美人傳統週(Taiwanese American Heritage Week, TAHW) 活動。





Photo Credit: White House photo by Eric Draper