Texas Congressman Introduces Legislation To Expedite Delivery Of F-16s To Taiwan

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Washington DC – November 20, 2009
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Texas Congressman Introduces Legislation To Expedite Delivery Of F-16s To Taiwan

One day after President Obama concluded his China trip and after the introduction of H.R.4102 in Congress of legislation highlighting the stalled U.S. arms sale to Taiwan, Texas Congressman Joe Barton (Republican) introduced H.Res. 927 to boost the expeditious delivery of F-16s to Taiwan yesterday afternoon. Congress introduced two resolutions within 24 hours on U.S. arms sales to Taiwan and Taiwan’s security right after President Obama issued a joint statement in China earlier this week.

The resolution concludes that “(1) it shall continue to be the policy of the United States, consistent with the Taiwan Relations Act, to make available to Taiwan such defense articles and services as may be necessary for Taiwan to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability; and (2) the United States should determine the nature and quantity of such defense articles and services ‘based solely’ upon the legitimate defense needs of Taiwan.”

The bill references that “Taiwanese Defense Ministry has requested and the Executive Yuan approved in August 2007 a 2008 defense budget that includes approximately $764,000,000 for the second year’s budget for F–16C/D fighters.”

On October 9, at a Washington press conference, Senator John McCain what his own views are on providing Taiwan with F-16s. The Senator stated: “My position on F-16s for Taiwan is that I believe that we should provide Taiwan with the equipment that they feel is necessary to defend themselves. We know that there’s a significant military buildup on the other side of the Strait. So, I personally favor the sale of F-16s to Taiwan.”

FAPA President Bob Yang, PhD, says: “This bill intends to remind the administration to truthfully follow the letter and the spirit of the Taiwan Relations Act. It is yet another message from the legislative branch to the executive branch to move forward with arms sale to Taiwan, and in this case, the F-16s.”

Dr. Yang concludes: “The sales and delivery of arms to Taiwan should solely be based on the defense needs of Taiwan – not on the politics of the day in the U.S. or in Taiwan, or on the state of U.S.-China relations.”


在歐巴馬總統甫結束中國一行,以及繼美國國會於18日提出4201號法案,喚起各界重視久遭擱置的對台軍售之後,德州眾議員巴頓(Joe Barton, R-TX)隨即於昨日(19日)提出第927號決議案(H.Res. 927),呼籲歐巴馬政府儘快決定出售F-16戰機給台灣。決議案表示:「(1)美國政策應在符合台灣關係法下,使台灣能夠獲得數量足以使其維持足夠自衛能力的防衛物資及技術服務;(2)美國將『單獨』依據台灣需要的判斷,來決定防衛物資及服務的種類及數量。」這是美國國會在歐巴馬總統於中國發表美中共同聲明後,在二十四小時內相繼提出兩項對台軍售與台灣安全相關的議案。






Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Flickr)