2020 FAPA Work Report

Congressional Advocacy

  • 78 House members sent a joint letter to Secretary Pompeo, calling upon TECRO name change.
    • FAPA was cited by Taipei Times, Epoch Times, RTI, CNA,  Liberty Times, United Daily News, New Talk.
  • Four House Members sent a joint letter to President Trump, urging him to make Taiwan’s participation a central part of the reform efforts toward the WHO.
  • Senator Rubio filmed a video to support Taiwan’s bidding for WHO’s participation.
  • Initiated a separate electronic news update channel, Taiwan This Week, for the Senate.
  • Hold virtual meetings with two members of Congress.
  • Revised FAPA’s policy agenda, along with an overhaul on that of US-Taiwan security operation.

Other Organization Outreach

  • Initiated a crowdfunding campaign to donate PPE to seven selected states in the United States. Successfully attracted three members (Rep. Yoho, Sen. Ernst, Sen, Cotton) of congress attention and tweeted it.
  • Led other 9 overseas Taiwanese organizations on publishing a Washington Times advertisement to celebrate Taiwan’s presidential inauguration day and call for US-Taiwan diplomatic relations.
  • Provided recommendations on the content of Watchout’s (沃草) NYT Advertisement.
  • Sent a joint letter with NATMA to President Trump, urging him to reverse Bill Clinton’s Three No’s policy on Taiwan’s international participation.
  • Sent a joint letter with NATMA and NATPA to WHO Director-General to protest his erroneous statement on Taiwan’s participation.
  • Contributed to a joint letter with other overseas Taiwanese organizations to call for a name change in Taiwanese passport.
  • Co-signed College Democrats of America and College Republican National Committee’s appeal to call for the abolishment of Confucius Institute.
  • Sent a joint letter with two Taiwanese organizations to President Trump, urging to invite highest level delegation from Taiwan to Washington DC during Azar’s Taiwan visit.
  • Released a joint statement with other 7 overseas Taiwanese organizations to commemorate former President Lee Teng-hui.
  • Sent a letter to US Ambassador to UN, Kelly Craft, suggesting a virtual meeting between Ambassador Craft and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-Wen.
  • Sent a letter to US Ambassador to UN, Kelly Craft, on Taiwan’s full UN membership.


  • Town Hall Meeting. HQ hosted 3 Town Hall meeting on 5/30, 6/6, and 6/20 to report the progress in the first half of 2020. The meeting is open to FAPA members and has received 162 registrations.
  • FAPA Updates. HQ sent the update every month to 2,800 FAPA members and donors.
  • FAPA Newsletter. HQ published 3 FAPA Newsletter this year.
  • Speech Tour. Cohosted the speech tours with CO, CA-OC, TX Chapter by helping to arrange the two speakers, Peifen Hsieh and Hsin-Tai Wu.

Technology Updates

In respond to the covid-19 pandemic and the restriction on face-to-face events, HQ introduced software and new technologies to facilitate the communication process.

  • G-Suite for Non-Profit.
    • Account for local chapter presidents with FAPA domain, “@fapa-chapter.org”
    • Shared financial report templates, congressional meeting notes, FAPA Newsletter, and other chapter operation related documents in Drive.
    • Provide Google Meet for videoconferencing with up to 100 participants.
    • One-Fourth local chapters activated their account.
  • Salsa Lab CRM.
    • Sync with Salsa Engage
    • Easier to track donors who signed the petition letters
    • Streamline the membership management with its background setting
    • Help with more engagement with donor
  • Salsa Lab Engage.

The Salsa Lab Engage is an online advocacy tool, which helps us to do the targeted action. By typing in their address, Salsa Engage can sort out the members of congress for the user and:

  • Provide detailed information on members of congress
    • Send direct email to people’s representative

Salsa Engage will also record the information of people who use the tool.

BillPetitionersEmails Sent
Taiwan Fellowship Act9191860
Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act114220
TRO Name Change Letter1,4091,409
  • New Website (Launched in August 2020)
    • Updated to WordPress 5.2.2. (Latest Version).
    • Redesigned the website and made it more responsive with mobile and tablet user.
    • Streamed with Google Analytics to receive the insights of website visitors.
    • Rearranged the donation page and set up the automatic email receipt.
    • Reorganized press releases and op-eds with universal format to “Newsroom.”
    • Updated the “Contact us” page.
    • Added “Taiwan Bills in the Congress” sector for bill research.
    • Added “Find Your Chapter” sector with local chapter contacts.
    • Added “Event” sector for FAPA annual events.
    • Added “Opportunity” sector to post internship and job information.
    • Embedded the Mailchimp form for people to subscribe Taiwan This Week.
    • Embedded the Salsa Lab Engage to provides below features:
      • Find your Representative with detailed information.
      • Online Email Petition.


  • The average page views grew from 1,509 (August) to 4,375 (September) and 4,419 (October).

National Advocacy Conference (Online Event)

The event is hosted online due to the COVID-19. FAPA received a total of 103 registrations before the meeting.

  • 70% of the participants is FAPA members, comes from 22 different Chapters and 22 different states.

Number of FAPA Members (by Chapter)

CA-OC9NY Hudson1TX-S5
  • HQ opened the event to the public and about 130 concurrent participants joining the whole event. The peak number of concurrent participants is 151, when Ambassador Hsiao delivered her speech.
  • Our participants successfully earned 8 cosponsors for Taiwan Fellowship Act (H.R.7414), 1 for Taiwan Assurance Act (S.878), 1 for Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act (H.R.7855), 2 for Taiwan Envoy Act (H.R.5535), and 1 for Resolution Calling for US-Taiwan Diplomatic Relations (H.Con.Res.117).

Social Media Report

  • Twitter. Reactivated in March. After that, we have posted 249 tweets, earned 297K impressions, 7K profile visits and grew 747 new followers. The table below shows the relevant data before and after reactivation.
    • Sen. Joni Ernst, Sen. Tom Cottom, and Rep. Ted Yoho mentioned FAPA in their tweets on our face shield donation.
  • Facebook. HQ has posted 132 Facebook posts and grew 1,938 new followers since January 1. Our median of total reach is 7.6K people per post, and the median of engage users is 1,000 people per post. Below graph shows the trend of page views and follower growth.