Overseas Taiwanese Organizations Commemorate Taiwan’s Father of Democracy – Former President Lee Teng-hui

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Washington DC – August 10, 2020
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Overseas Taiwanese Organizations Commemorate Taiwan’s Father of Democracy – Former President Lee Teng-hui 

President Lee’s passing saddens all the freedom and democracy-loving overseas Taiwanese. Not only have we lost a President who always kept Taiwan’s future in his heart, but also a kindhearted father-like figure who would take care of those who would follow in his footsteps. 

Former President Lee was a pioneer in Taiwan’s democratization process and the movement for an independent Taiwanese identity despite that he experienced Japanese colonization and the authoritarian Chiang regimes. It is his commitment to these values that binds our fates together. With his perseverance and pragmatism, we have the strongest leader along the path to Taiwan’s democratization. President Lee’s audacity and vision also show the world our pride of being Taiwanese. His quote, “The people are in my heart every moment of the day,” will always be the motto of Taiwan’s independence and autonomy.  

During this time of expressing condolences, we also encourage overseas Taiwanese to honor President Lee’s exceptional and compassionate life. His countless and hard-won achievements, including the dissolution of the undemocratic National Assembly, the abolishment of the Temporary Provisions Against Communist Rebellion, the decision to hold direct presidential elections, the promotion of special state-to-state relationship, and the reforms to achieve civilian control of the military all have had a profound impact on Taiwan. We believe that remembering our path to democracy under his leadership is the best way to commemorate President Lee.  

Let us keep his ceaseless pursuit of the normalization of Taiwan in our heart, and carry his torch to safeguard Taiwan’s sovereignty, rectifying our country’s name, and win over global recognition, so that the people of Taiwan can be the owner of its own destiny and future. 

North American Taiwanese Medical Association (NATMA) 
North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association (NATPA) 
North America Taiwanese Women’s Association (NATWA) 
Taiwanese Association of America (TAA-USA) 
World Federation of Taiwanese Associations (WFTA) 
World Taiwanese Congress (WTC) 
World United Formosans for Independence – USA Chapter (WUFI-USA) 
Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) 

海外台灣人社團共同悼念台灣民主之父 —— 李前總統登輝 






Photo Credit: Cornell University