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Washington DC – May 25, 2022
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Every year, the month of May is designated as Asian Pacific Heritage Month — a month of national celebration and commemoration of the innumerable contributions that Asians and Pacific Islanders have made in American life.

Ever since 1999, when President Clinton dedicated the week after Mother’s Day as Taiwanese American Heritage Week (TAHW), Taiwanese Americans have annually joined hands to reach out to the general American public to share their heritage.

This year, from Mother’s Day May 8 until May 15, 2022, Taiwanese Americans celebrated their annual TAHW.

The celebration did not go unnoticed by elected officials from Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, California, New York.

Miscellaneous elected U.S. officials issued proclamations honoring the contributions Taiwanese Americans have made to the diversity and prosperity of American society, and their contributions to the promotion of democracy and security of their country of birth – Taiwan.

In his TAHW proclamation, Massachusetts governor Charles A. Baker wrote: “During this special week, Taiwanese Americans are able to embrace America’s diversity and celebrate the spirit of community that binds us together as one nation.”

Mayor of Winston-Salem, North Carolina wrote: “In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan’s status as an independent country is more precarious than ever.”

Mayor of Westerville, Ohio, Diane Conley lauded the donation of masks and Personal Protective Equipment by “The country of Taiwan and Taiwanese Americans” representing their spirit of generosity.

Mayor of Frisco, Texas, Jeff Cheney wrote: “This year marks the 43rd anniversary of the enactment into law of the 1979 “Taiwan Relations Act,” which – together with the 1982 “Six Assurances” – forms the cornerstone of U.S.-Taiwan relations.”

Rockville, Maryland mayor Bridget Donnell Newton wrote: “During the pandemic, the residents of Rockville’s sister city Yilan City, Taiwan, and the people of Taiwan donated substantial amounts of personal protective equipment to the residents of the City of Rockville.”

The Orange County Board of Supervisors wrote: “Taiwanese Americans embrace the right to liberty, democracy and human rights as part of pursuing the American dream.”

Mayor of Malden, Massachusetts, Gary Christenson wrote: “The U.S. provides safety and security guarantees to Taiwan for the preservation of its democracy.”

Dutchess County, New York Executive, Marcus Molinaro, wrote: “Taiwanese Americans are proud of their roots and role in the continued growth of our nation.”

Mayor of Revere, Massachusetts, Brian Arrigo wrote: “Taiwanese Americans have made enormous contributions to the diversity and prosperity of American society.” The proclamation made it into the Revere Journal newspaper of May 18.

FAPA President Minze Chien adds: “Taiwanese Americans are proud to be citizens of this country which has a history of and believes in values such as democracy, equality and independence through self-determination. Taiwanese Americans having their own Heritage Week to celebrate annually reinforces the understanding amongst the American public that Taiwan is not part of China, and that we need to recognize the reality that Taiwan is a free, sovereign, independent and democratic country that desires to stay that way and that needs to be accepted by the international community as a full and equal member.”

Dr. Chien concludes: “Especially in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan’s status as an independent country is more precarious than ever.”

Taiwanese American Heritage Week Proclamations